How this couple found love in the hustle and bustle of ‘The City of Dreams’

Mahima and Kshitij tied the knot at the Devi Ratn in Jaipur and their grand ceremonies matched the vibe and significance of the historic location.

The most beautiful journeys often start with simplicity and sincerity. In a bustling city like Mumbai where careers thrive and dreams take flight, Kshitij, a driven Delhi boy navigating the world of hedge funds, and Mahima, a Mumbai girl excelling in digital marketing, crossed paths on a casual Monday evening. On a romantic date, amidst shared laughter and easy conversation, their connection blossomed naturally. As Kshitij fondly recalls, “We’re both professionals, so there was never a grand proposal. It just felt right, and we knew we wanted this journey together.”

What began as spending weekends together soon evolved into something deeper, catching the attention of their families. The parents met in Nasik and Delhi and there was no looking back after that.

The venue of their wedding was the beautiful heritage location, Devi Ratn by IHCL in Jaipur. The ceremonies began with mehendi rasam that kicked off with vibrant dhol beats. It was set against a backdrop of pastel lilac decor, beautifully executed by ace decor design company Konark Events. The ring ceremony followed suit with the couple donning a stunning Indo-Western outfit. They exchanged rings promising a lifetime of happiness surrounded by their loved ones. 

The Haldi ceremony unfolded with floral decor and yellow flowers symbolising prosperity. Overwhelmed by the love and warmth, it truly set the tone for the wedding. Then came the big day. Mahima walked down the aisle in a graceful red lehenga. “Seeing Mahima approach was a moment I’ll cherish forever. It is unreal until you feel it yourself, it felt like a dream,” Kshitij shares. 

The festivities culminated in a reception where the couple dazzled in stylish ensembles. It was a night of celebration. The glitz and glam of this evening were just magnificent and Mahima wore a beautiful outfit that matched the mood and decor of the occasion. 

Kshitij and Mahima’s story reminds us that love does not necessarily have to be grand. All that it needs is for it to be pure and beautiful. As they continue navigating life together, their love is ready to face challenges and celebrate every triumph. “Our love is about supporting each other through it all. It’s about finding the joy in the big, the small, the narrow, and the vast. As we look to the future, we welcome the unknown with open hearts, knowing that together, we can conquer anything life brings our way,” shares the couple. 


Planning and Designing: @konarkevent
Photographer: @fotovisionindia
Makeup Artist: @wamikabajajmakeovers

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