Tanya Jacob and Tanuj Virwani's love story is both heart and practicality

The duo tied the knot in an intimate celebration surrounded by friends and family.

For marketing professional Tanya Jacob and actor Tanuj Virwani, their journey’s been a matter of the heart as well as practicality. Right down to the nitty-gritties of their special day, they made every decision together, ensuring there were no faults in their stars. Their story is, indeed, one of destiny.

How they met

“We met back in 2017 when Tanya lived in Mumbai, and I was making a short film. She was there for modelling opportunities, and I was looking to cast. A friend had suggested that I meet her, and it kicked off from there. Our parents were friends, as well, and that certainly facilitated things even further. She moved to Singapore in 2019, but we continued to be in touch. After a while, we had both reached that point in life where we were looking to find something permanent. She was 30, and I was 35. After we talked about it, she moved in with me in March 2023, and here we are together, all set to begin a new special journey.”

The next step

“When you make a massive decision like getting engaged and married, there’s always an associated leap of faith. Besides being a matter of the heart, there’s also a lot of practicality involved. Both of us found in each other a partner who was caring, supportive and non-intrusive, it always felt very lived in even when we were friends. As a single child, I tend to get irritated at times if I don’t have my space. But Tanya makes me feel like a better, much-evolved person; she brings out the best in me. So it was a no-brainer.” 

Leading up to the day

“We decided to tie the knot at our home in Lonavala, in a close-knit affair with just family and very close friends from different parts of India and the world. There was no wedding planner involved; we curated everything ourselves, starting from the food, décor and entertainment to everything else. We did it ourselves because we think one’s wedding celebrations represent who they are in real life. It was a lot of work and also a logistical nightmare because we had to coordinate with so many people simultaneously. But I loved every bit of it.”

Memories that will last a lifetime

“Everything was surreal and beautiful. We had so many members of our families under the same roof after I don’t know how long. Many of them danced, both solo and in groups. There were magic tricks, stand-up comedy performances and whatnot. Also, I have a sweet spot for speeches, and there were so many beautiful messages shared straight from the heart. One has expectations after watching marriages in movies. But the feeling of watching it happen with you in reality is beyond comparison. Tanya and I will cherish these memories for the rest of our lives. We feel incredibly blessed.” 

My advice

“It’s a matter of different strokes for different folks. It’s an individual’s choice—get married if you want to; don’t if you don’t. I dislike it when these decisions are driven by society. I’ve seen so many people get married without being sure of it themselves, and they ultimately end up unhappy. Ask yourself whether you’re ready to wake up beside this person every day and raise a family with them. If it’s for you, you will have to do it with full conviction. For me, it’s been beautiful, and I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. Tanya has the same faith. At this juncture of our lives, we want to be together and take it forward. It was a mutual decision.”

The Details

Photographer: Sachin Kumar

Bride’s Outfit: Kalki Fashion

Groom’s Outfit: Raghavendra Rathore Bride’s Hair & Make-up: Saniyaa Hameed and Misheeta Sanghvi

Groom’s Hair: Casey Sanker Location: Lonavala Villa Sunaroka

All images: Photographer - Sachin Kumar

This article originally appeared in Brides Today January-February 2024 print issue.

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