Purnima Keer and Nathan Bourne's wedding is a celebration of love and diversity

The love birds from Bhopal and Melbourne, respectively tied the knot at Jehan Numa Retreat.

Purnima Keer and Nathan Bourne's wedding at the majestic Jehan Numa Retreat, in the heart of Bhopal, was more than just a celebration—it was a testament to the beauty of love in all its forms. It reminded us that when two souls unite, magic happens, no matter where they come from. 

The Bhopal-Melbourne love story

Purnima Keer grew up in a lively Punjabi household in Bhopal, while Nathan Bourne was born and raised in Melbourne. When Purnima moved to Australia to pursue her Master's degree, she worked part-time in sales. One day, she walked into Nathan’s father’s business to pitch a new electricity plan, and coincidentally, Nathan was there, too, working part-time while completing his own university degree. They started talking, exchanged Instagram handles, and met up about two months later at a bar in Melbourne. They hit it off instantly, had their first date at a cosy restaurant, and within a few weeks, they started dating—the rest is history. Nathan was immediately captivated by Purnima’s beautiful smile, while Purnima couldn’t help but notice Nathan’s eyes.

The perfect proposal

Their endless love for each other, loyalty, honesty, and drive to succeed together laid the foundation for their beautiful relationship. Nathan proposed to Purnima in Queensland, Australia. Purnima’s parents and her brother had come to meet Nathan in person for the first time and visit Australia for the first time. After spending a couple of weeks in Nathan’s hometown (Melbourne), they all traveled to Queensland. On Purnima’s birthday, Nathan arranged a private dining room in a restaurant, complete with decorations. He told Purnima they were going for a birthday dinner, and when they arrived at the restaurant, the waiter led them to the private room where Nathan proposed. Ten minutes later, Purnima’s family joined them to celebrate the joyous occasion.

A fairy-tale wedding

The wedding festivities kicked off with traditional Indian events like mehendi and haldi, followed by an Anand Karaj ceremony in the peaceful hours of a winter morning. Surrounded by soul-stirring hymns and the sweet scent of jasmine and roses, they pledged eternal love, promising to stand by each other through thick and thin. The evening was a vibrant cocktail party where they exchanged heartfelt vows in a setting filled with love and blessings. Their wedding was a sensory delight, with a kaleidoscope of colours, flavours, and melodies enchanting everyone. From Purnima's stunning bridal attire by the legendary Sabyasachi to the lively beats of the dhol, every detail celebrated their unity in diversity, merging their different backgrounds into one beautiful celebration.

Purnima and Nathan's love story unfolded like a dream at the majestic Jehan Numa Retreat, in the heart of Bhopal. The precious moments of their joyous union were captured by Plush Affairs. From stolen glances to warm embraces, every snapshot was a treasure trove of memories, showcasing the power of love to transcend cultural boundaries and bring hearts together.

Images: @plushaffairs

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