6 mouth-watering live food counters to include for your wedding

Waffles, burrata, smoothies, and more!

When it comes to weddings, you may forget the decor, the celebrations, and the functions, but the one truly unforgettable thing (if done right) is the food. You have the standard buffet menu, serving dishes that you’ve eaten at countless weddings. But if you want to serve something new that everyone might remember (and love), then live food counters are the way to go. Offering a delicious range of bite-sized food prepared right in front of you, live food counters help diversify the menu and enhance the overall dining experience. 

Below, we’ve curated a list of some mouth-watering live food counters that you can include at your wedding. 

Shakes and smoothies

Don't forget the teetotallers at the wedding. While classic mocktails are a great offering, live counters serving fresh fruit shakes and smoothies are a refreshing and unique choice too. 

Burrata bar

Impress your guests with an indulgent serving of creamy Burrata cheese. You could have them top their Burrata with ingredients that pair well with the cheese like roasted beetroot, marinated olives, warm tomato salad with basil, roasted grapes, fig and pine nut salsa, or sun-dried tomato; the choices are endless.  

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Flavored popcorn

Your wedding is nothing short of a Bollywood movie, so why not include some popcorn for the ride? Get the classics like caramel, salt, and cheese, along with tomato, chocolate, and other unique flavours for guests to munch on. You could take things up a notch by serving the popcorn in cute cones or quirky boxes for a fun, glam quotient. 


Surprise your guests with something they'd never expect to eat at a wedding. You could have three variants, a vegetarian sizzler with baked vegetables, fries, or brown rice; a non-vegetarian option with chicken, rice and veggies; and a fried fish sizzler for seafood lovers. The smoky flavour of the dish is sure to make everyone’s mouth water. 

Waffles and churros

Now your dessert menu will have its fair share of Indian mithaai and other assortments. But a fresh serving of waffles and churros is a fun, modern touch. Not to mention these are quite the tasty treat to have as a live station. You could include options like dark chocolate and caramel along with toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles and whatnot.


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Oriental counters are excellent fast food stall ideas. You could go all out on the decorations with bamboo mats, vibrant colours, Asian fonts, chopsticks, and dim sum steam boxes. You can offer sushi, along with momos and dumplings. Furthermore, you can add a fun desi twist with variants like Tandoori momos and similar creations. 

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Paan station

Paan is an all-time favourite when it comes to ending a scrumptious meal at an Indian wedding. A counter serving a variety of flavoured saunfs and paans is an absolute must-have. Don’t just stick to the basics such as plain, sweet (meetha paan), and chocolate; instead, take things up a notch with ice paan and fire paan. If included, don’t be surprised to see this counter as the busiest one at your wedding.

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