Here's how you can create the ultimate wedding dessert station

Chefs and tablescaping experts weigh in.

Dessert stations are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to elevate their wedding decor and add an element of fun to their functions. But creating the perfect wedding dessert table requires more than just putting together your favourite desserts. From the offerings and tabletop décor to signage and personal touches, here's your guide to creating the perfect wedding dessert table, courtesy of experts.

Things to consider when setting up your wedding dessert table

From the menu and plating to floral arrangements and decor, it’s essential to ensure that your setup ties into your wedding theme and acts as the perfect post-dinner treat for guests. Account for the overall color palette and theme of the wedding when choosing flavors, furnishings, and ornamentation. You can opt for vintage-themed carts, barrels, and fixtures decorated with floral arrangements to match the decor or the couple's ensembles.

Chef, educator, and founder of dessert brand Ode To Gaia, Naimita Jagasia shares, “For a wedding event tablescape, especially a dessert table, the key is to always play with height and colours, to create contrast with your desserts. You can use tall flowers with single stems like tulips and anthurium to add a pop of colour and cake stands in varying heights and textures to create an illusion of height, and this way, each dessert gets to shine and stand out."

Picking the right plating 
With the right silverware, platters, and tablecloths, dessert set-ups can be completely transformed. Small touches like cocktail picks and swizzle sticks can also be used as added elements with cupcakes, fruits, and tarts. The smaller details are the key to providing the perfect experience.

Plate and Peonies founder, Anandita Kothari shares, “Do not to shy away from fusing different styles together! The excitement is in mixing your tableware instead of always using matching pattern. It’s sometimes about using pieces that are contrasting, yet complement each other—whether it's prints, patterns, colours, or textures. Taking a traditional block print tablecloth and adding contemporary elements like chequered vases, patterned serveware, and textured cutlery will add a visual element to the set-up!”

“Today, Indian weddings are no longer going only the traditional route. They are experimenting with different tablescapes in terms of themes and decor. Whether it is Italian-themed wedding, a pre-wedding jungle party, or a formal reception, it’s all about creating a striking and unforgettable table. Add to it, details like complementing cutlery, and the experience is elevated manifold,” says Kothari.

Brands that will help you create the wedding dessert table of your dreams

Ode To Gaia

Ode to Gaia is a luxury plant-based bakery that has curated several wedding dessert stations including at Alanna Panday and Ivor’s star-studded wedding. Not only do they have some of the most unique designs, but they also align with a sustainable and conscious lifestyle, ensuring guests can enjoy their desserts restriction-free.

Vanilla Miel


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Co-founded by sisters, Mansi Shetty Bafna and Isha Shetty, Vanilla Miel is a patisserie and chocolaterie heavily inspired by classic French techniques. From layered entremets to multi-textural tarts, they have a wide range of offerings to pick from, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice.

Gur Chini


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For those who enjoy the authentic taste of traditional Indian sweets, Gur Chini is the go-to place. They have healthy versions of a large variety of Indian mithais—they use organic ingredients, natural sweeteners, and even have a no-sugar range that you indulge in guilt-free.