5 food party favours (that are not another box of mithai) to give your wedding guests

Fun condiments? Home-grown chocolate bars? These gifts are guaranteed to be a hit. 

Traditionally, Indian weddings end with the guests going home with a box of mithai or dry fruits. And while Indian sweets will never go out of style, consider other treats that will reflect your personal tastes as a couple to give as wedding favours. Be it interesting dips and sauces, customised coffee blends, or even a food zine, there’s a lot of room to play around. And your guests will be relieved they don’t have another box of sweets during the festive and wedding season that they don’t know what to do with!

Condiments to jazz up their meals

One of the biggest challenges of being an adult is coming up with interesting meals to eat, day in and day out. So, trust us when we say that your guests will greatly appreciate exciting and unique condiments that will take their everyday meals up a notch. Be it hot sauces, chilli oils, honey or even ready-to-cook curry pastes, there are so many fun and delicious options in the market right now. You could gift a small set of condiments with printed cards that list recipes ideas and ways to utilise them. 

Artisanal chocolate bars

A box of mithai might be too cliché, but a hamper of artisanal chocolate bars is both out-of-the-box (pun intended) and definitely a gift that most sweet lovers will enjoy! There are plenty of home-grown brands to choose from—keep an eye out for Manam Chocolate, the latest Hyderabad-based chocolate brand that will start pan-India deliveries soon. 

Coffee bean bags

Coffee fiends among your family and friends will absolutely love this one! There are quite a few home-grown coffee labels in India like Black Baza and Blue Tokai that offer different local coffee beans, whole or in the grind you want. You can either gift the coffee bean bag as is, or add a cute mug along with it to take it to the next level.

A personalised food zine

While technically not a food item, a zine that focuses on food is a fun idea for guests to take home as favours post the wedding. The zine could contain anything from the wedding menu, family recipes, favourite dishes of the couple, and personal essays. It will be a unique way for your guests to remember the day, and will be of help when they’re looking for meal inspiration later on. 

Unique tea blends

We love the idea of gifting tea and tea blends as it perfectly tows the line between traditional and unique. You could pick your favourite herbal tea to gift or curate a hamper of tisanes and teas that have different health benefits. Think chamomile tea for better sleep, jasmine tea for better immunity, and even an iced tea blend to add some variety. If you’re having a winter wedding, a hot chocolate mix or a haldi doodh blend will also be appreciated.