This couple’s nuptials in the City of Lakes had a rainy showdown to the altar

Tanvi Gala and Navkar Singhvi’s wedding proves that every cloud has a silver lining.

It’s true what they say, opposites (often) attract. And for two contrasting minds like Tanvi Gala and Navkar Singhvi, theirs was a story bound by fate. Their wedding, on March 3, was one for the books, though not without its challenges. A dramatic, unexpected rainstorm put their wedding plans to the test, however, like a blessing from the rain gods themselves, the sky cleared the next day, setting the stage for a truly magical celebration.

Gala, a Mumbai-born Gujarati bride, and Singhvi, a Marwadi groom from Jaipur, found themselves brought together by mutual friends. Their first meeting in person marked the beginning of a whirlwind romance filled with travels across India and beyond, defying the odds of a long-distance relationship. Despite initial uncertainties, they found hope in their shared goals, priorities, and personalities. 

The proposal was one-of-a-kind. Despite a cancelled flight and Gala’s delayed arrival, it culminated in a breathtaking moment at Raffles, where Singhvi surprised Gala with a poetic declaration of love. From there, their wedding journey unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of Udaipur, the city that brought them together.

Each event was imbued with personal touches and cultural significance, from the lakeside mehendi on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake to the vibrant Holi celebration at Mayur Bagh in Taj Aravali. Despite unexpected challenges, such as a rainstorm that destroyed their Holi and sangeet decor, Gala and Singhvi’s unwavering belief and the dedication of their team ensured that their wedding festivities proceeded seamlessly.

The bride, Gala, shared, “I wasn’t the bride with a Pinterest mood board or designer dreams, but I knew I wanted a Holi party at my wedding.”

The wedding day itself was a spectacle, with Gala making a stunning entrance adorned in an unconventional green lehenga that was kept a secret from the groom and her family members. The reception, eschewing traditional Indian themes, unfolded in modern elegance with a floating reception and a captivating same-day edit video masterfully crafted by Epic Stories.  

Himanshu Patel, the founder of Epic Stories shares, “Gala and Singhvi are such a down-to-earth and humble couple. Capturing their wedding was an unforgettable experience. Despite the slight inconvenience of the rain, the next day dawned with clear skies, reinforcing the belief that where love leads, perfect weddings follow suit. Because ultimately, it’s not about the circumstances but the enduring connection, love, and shared moments that truly matter.”

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