Snip away and welcome the short nail trend for your bachelorette

July is here and and so is fashion with practicality—be it the heat or the rains, these short nails are your new best friend!

Sticky, sweaty and straining, be it wherever you are heading to in the country, July forebears a sense of practicality, eluding the possibility of maintaining long nails, as fun as they might be. And just because the season expects you to be hands-on, we bring you a list of 13 ideas as a refuge for maintaining short nails in style. Think fun, chic and, dreamy!

Chain nails


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Nude bouquet

Swirl Around 

Animal Obsession

Classic french with a twist

Abstraction and Colours

3D nails


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Pastel Ombres

Rhinestone Baby

Vacation Ready

Rainbow Nails

Cherry and Barolos


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Motifs Motifs


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