Bobs are back and here is how you can style one for your bachelorette

A bob, never goes out of style, snip away before you walk down the isle.

In the popular webseries, Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge rightfully said, “Hair is everything.” And there isn’t a single soul, who despite their nonchalance, would dare to disagree. More so in the summer, when fashion is trimmed down to breathable linens and airy pieces, hair often becomes the saving grace.

Bobs have remained a perennial hair trend of the summer as they are both, style and chic with ease. Joey King chopping off her hair into a “Prada Bob” at the Cannes Film Festival is a testament to how easy and convenient it is to style them. Owing to their versatility, bobs can be styled in so many different ways, depending on your face cut and preferences. The best way to describe a bob is when the length of your hair falls anywhere between your chin and shoulders. 

From the French Bob to the long bob (or a lob), here is how you can get yourself a bob that pairs well with both, your bachelorette outfit and your wedding trousseau. Here is a list of refreshing inspirations to get you started this summer. 

A classic bob is impossible to go wrong with. It compliments every face shape and can be styled for a sleek evening gathering or a wavy beach party. 


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The bubble bob or the Italian bob often casts a more luminous silhouette with its curvaceous endings. Offering a relaxed version of the bob, you can either get a blow out or have them air dried.

Think bangs, ear length wavy hair, and a classic red lipstick. The perfect way to channel your boldness, the French bob rests exceptionally well on petite faces.

A long bob or lob, is the perfect length hairstyle for those who prefer a touch of sophistication without going too bold. It's your one-way ticket to chic, edgy, and effortlessly stylish hair.


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Micro bobs are a statement to behold. This trend of the little, requires the most maintenance, but promises unmatched quirk. 


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If you prefer your hair at varied lengths and with fringes, be it bangs or curtains, the layered bob is for you. With its effortless silhouette, you can style it under five minutes and cut down the trips to the salon. 


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The Prada bob is characterised with a side parting, coupled with a blunt cut. A little risky, owing to falling right above the jawline, it can be styled with hair gel, bobby pins, or even headbands. 


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