Here's why you should take a delayed honeymoon or latermoon

It allows you unwind after the wedding and enjoy a better and longer trip later!

Deciding where to go on your honeymoon is one of the biggest (and most confusing) decisions that a couple has to make. And while most couples can’t wait to kickstart their married life with a honeymoon, some couples prefer to delay it. A delayed honeymoon or latermoon is one that is postponed for a while (it could even be a year). While it is entirely up to the couple, taking a delayed honeymoon can benefit your budget, schedule, and even your stress levels.

So here's why you should consider a delayed honeymoon or latermoon.

You’re less stressed and more chilled out

Your wedding will leave you with a lot of food on your plate, both literally and figuratively. Do you really want to worry about packing for your honeymoon the very next day? Choosing to go on a latermoon allows you to relax and unwind from the excitement of your wedding before you get into another important event. Delaying your honeymoon gives you and your partner more time to plan your trip, keeping you from missing out on something and overlooking details. 


You can save money for a longer and better honeymoon

We don’t need to tell you how expensive planning and executing a wedding is. That’s why waiting a few weeks or months after your wedding will not only allow you to focus on planning your wedding but will also give you the time to save up for your dream honeymoon. If you’re left to choose between going on a budgeted honeymoon immediately after your wedding or a fancier delayed honeymoon, a smarter option would be to wait and save up.

You get to save up on your leaves too

The number of leaves you have saved decides how long your honeymoon will last. With your wedding taking a fair share of that number, the last thing you want is to exhaust all your leaves at once. Waiting a while after your wedding not only gives you time to save up on money but also helps you collect enough leaves for a nice, long honeymoon. 

You get to go on a honeymoon during the best time 

If you get married in summer, choosing to go on your honeymoon right then might not be the best idea—overcrowding and burning hot temperatures are a few reasons why. Similarly, if you get married in December and want to enjoy your honeymoon in Australia right after, might not be the best idea because of how hot it gets. Price is another important factor to consider; you could choose to go on your honeymoon during the off-season when the prices are cheaper and the weather is more to your liking. By waiting a few months, you could plan your honeymoon during a less busy time of the year that sees you save money on flights and accommodations.

A honeymoon phase all over again

It’s completely natural and common for couples to feel the blues after the excitement of a wedding and their ‘honeymoon’ period getting over. One of the benefits of a latermoon is that you can do away with the wedding blues and reignite that honeymoon phase of your wedding all over again.

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