5 luxe treehouses for an intimate honeymoon amid nature

A romantic getaway with privacy, luxury, and a view!

A honeymoon is a special time for couples to unwind after their wedding and celebrate their love and their new journey together! And while beach vacations are among the most popular honeymoon destinations, they can be quite crowded, depriving couples of the peace and privacy they might need to enjoy their honeymoon. Treehouse resorts, on the other hand, are ideal as they offer plenty of solitude in addition to several creature comforts and lush surroundings. Plus, what's more romantic than being alone amid nature? 

Ahead, we've curated a list of some of our favourite treehouse resorts from across the country that are perfect for your honeymoon. 

Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh 

If you’re looking for a vacation that's a mix of relaxation and adventure, then the Treehouse Hideaway is for you. Located in Bandhavgarh National Park, this treehouse provides a unique experience of living in the wild without skimping on luxury. They have five tree houses, each named after the trees they’re built on—Mahua, Tendu, Peepal, Banyan, and Palash, all of which come with beautiful views of the sanctuary. The machan, overlooking a water hole, is a great spot to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in the national park. While spotting the elusive tiger is rare, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of the other residents like the sambar deer and jackals.

Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Want a treehouse experience but afraid of heights? The Tree House Resort, located in the Syari Valley near Jaipur, offers 20 treehouses built atop kikar trees, which stand at a relatively shorter height (compared to other treehouses built on taller vegetation) of 20-30 feet. These houses are set amid a sprawling 300-acre farm with an enviable view of the greenery and water bodies that dot the property. They come equipped with all the amenities you need, from room service facilities to a lavish bathtub and more. There are other offerings, outside the comforts of the treehouse, like a gym surrounded by nature and a swimming pool with a view, which adds to the overall experience. 

Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

When you think of Kerala, it's often the luxe houseboats—gently floating in the state’s backwaters—that come to mind. But if you’re planning an offbeat honeymoon in the region, you should opt for a treehouse enveloped by a thick tropical rainforest instead. Vythiri Resort has four treehouses meant for couples, all tucked away from the main resort area, allowing you can enjoy ample of privacy. The balcony is also furnished with comfy lounge chairs allowing you to really appreciate the stunning scenery!

The Machan Resort, Lonavala


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One of the most popular treehouse resorts near Mumbai, The Machan offers some ultra-luxurious treehouses equipped with private decks, large windows, and open-to-sky showers perfect for admiring the green valley and clear skies. Some of the machans, in the eco-friendly resort, also have a loft and a stand-alone bathtub on the deck, where you can spend some quality time with your partner.

Suro Treehouse Resort, Shimla

Want to stay in a treehouse that has scenic views of more than just a forest? Then Suro Treehouse Resort in Shimla is perfect for you. Nestled in the Shoghi region of Shimla, the property offers a luxury treehouse experience with pine chalets overlooking the mountains. Each chalet comes with a large open deck, perfect for sunbathing. Outside the comforts of your room, you can enjoy a cosy meal at the in-house restaurant, which serves a mix of Indian classics and global dishes, all made using local and organic produce.