Keep your relationship spicy with these card games

How else are you going to spend your lazy Sundays?

Every relationship has its lulls, but keeping the spark alive is a joint venture. What better way to make sure your honeymoon phase never ends than by learning more about your partner in a fun and silly way. This avoids the awkwardness of trying to start a deep conversation out of nowhere and makes it more organic to learn more about them. No one said it was going to be easy, but no one said it has to be hard! 

Under the Sheets 

This card game has been developed by MyMuse and retails for ₹1,199. It includes many features like mixing and matching decks of cards to fit the mood you’re in for the night. It can go from naughty to nice and vice versa so beware! This game is for people 18+ and above so it may definitely get a little R-Rated. It’s a good way to figure out your partner’s likes and dislikes without outwardly asking. 

We’re not really strangers 

Although the title sounds misleading, you don’t have to be strangers to play this game. Available for retail at ₹3,075. This card game went viral a couple of years ago, and people have not stopped talking about it since! The goal is to understand your opponent’s innermost workings. So, get cozy in bed with a couple of glasses of wine, because things are about to get deep and personal.


This is definitely one of the friskier games on this list. Curated by Oye Happy, the game retails for ₹499 and is full of fun challenges that will make your heart flutter and your body squirm. There’s three levels of difficulty so you can take it nice and slow but judging by the title, you already know what comes next!

Talk, Flirt, Dare 

Sort of like a combination of games, this game has it all. From starting conversations, to getting flirty and daring, you know you’re in for a fun night with your significant other. Retailing at  ₹999, this game is perfect for those who have a little daredevil inside of them.

Would you rather? (Adult version)

A spin on one of the crowd favourites, this game is not something that needs to be re-introduced. The classic game of would you rather, re-imagined to make it a little less PG and a little more intimate. Retailing for ₹400, this game will bring you back to your school days with the twists and turns of some hilarious scenarios!