Pop culture’s best wedding moments that definitely made all of us shed a tear

Grab your tissues (and some popcorn)!

There’s nothing that sells a movie or TV show like an average, run-of-the-mill, over-the-top, grand-gestured wedding—we’re all romantics at heart and there is no denying that we love seeing love come to life. Whether it is a long-awaited union of a couple that was always meant to be or a surprise, unexpected nuptial between two characters we’d never have thought of seeing together, on-screen weddings never fail to make us smile and warm our good-old lovey-dovey hearts. After all, what’s better than squealing over explicit vows of love that end in a sentimental first dance on songs like Can’t Help Falling In Love or Thinking Out Loud.

If, you too, are like us, here are some of the most memorable weddings from our favourite movies and TV shows. 

Colin and Araminta from Crazy Rich Asians

Popular for far more than its all-Asian cast, Crazy Rich Asians felt like a Western adaptation of Bollywood’s iconic Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, thanks to the characters' royalty-like homes, lives, and antics. Although we didn’t get to see Nick and Rachel’s crazy rich wedding (here’s to hoping for a part two), one of the most magnificent scenes from the movie had to be Colin and Araminta's magical wedding. As Araminta walked on water and a bed full of flowers, while Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love (sung by Kina Grannis), we all felt true love radiating from this fairytale-like scene. 

Monica and Chandler from Friends

Undeniably, Monica and Chandler are the most iconic duo from everyone’s all-time favourite sitcom. Their classic wedding, characterised by a best friend officiant, a best friend pregnancy reveal, and a very nervous groom, checked all the right boxes. Walking down the aisle in a white dress, Monica’s big day was everything we’d imagined it to be and imagine ours to be as well.

Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl


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This may be a hot-take, but Blair and Chuck, no matter how painfully dysfunctional and irritably egoistic, were the one for each other. And their wedding reflected that. Two of the show’s most favourite characters, Blair and Chuck tying the knot felt like a long-awaited wish come true. In their matching blue ensembles, the pair’s wedding took place amid the picturesque Bethesda Terrance and Fountain in Central Park, was THE it-girl ceremony we always imagined B to have. 

Amy and Jake from Brooklyn 99

Amy and Jake go together like the sea and the sun, and there is not a less cliché way of putting it because they are just that perfect. And their wedding was just as perfect. Everything that went wrong was worth the tear-jerking, simple ceremony that took place at the precinct—their second home. Staying true to their character, the not-too-sappy vows hit just the right spot and made us all second-guess think that if Amy can find her Jake, everyone deserves one, too. 

Arjun and Laila from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


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If there’s one wedding we keep going back to, it has to be Laila and Arjun’s wedding. The lakeside setting makes for an intimate affair, sermonised by the many photo-ops. While Kabir and Natasha, a couple who break off their engagement after a movie’s worth of built-up, Arjun and Laila seal the deal after a trip of a lifetime; true to its name, the movie exudes carpe diem in its most real sense.

Krish and Ananya from 2 States

Shot against the backdrop of Mast Magan, Krish and Ananya’s wedding speaks Bollywood in every way. The marriage is an ode to India’s cultural diversity, de-stigmatising stereotypes and prejudices for the better. Having overcome a mountain of personal and familial differences, the radiant bride sets out on her happily-ever-after in a classic red Kanjeevaram sari, leaving her groom awestruck. The scene stole all our “awwws” as we swooned to the pair’s magnetic chemistry. 

Rocky and Rani from Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

Reflecting Rocky’s blingy glitz and glam, and Rani’s sophisticated elegance, this wedding was one for the books. Shot at Udaipur’s most royal palace- Hotel Suryagarh- Rocky and Rani’s Kudmayi moment was everything one would imagine a royal wedding to be. Embodying the great Indian wedding realness, this one was the most Karan Johar ceremony we could imagine, chock full of an extremely over-the-top location, regal outfits, and a touching background score. You’re lying to yourself if just the perfection of it all didn’t force you to shed that tear!

Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory

Held at the beautiful Athenaeum in Pasadena, Sheldon and Amy’s wedding ceremony was both wholesome and quirky, just like them. It featured endearing moments that reflected the couple's shared love for science and intellect. Their vows were both touching and amusing, as the pair complemented each other’s quirks perfectly. The reception was filled with laughter, dancing, and heartfelt toasts; there couldn’t have been a better culmination of Sheldon and Amy's unconventional yet beautiful love story. Most of all, this union reinstated all our beliefs in love; because no matter what, there’s someone out there for everyone.

Beth and Randall from This Is Us

While the entirety of this show has made all its viewers shed buckets and buckets of tears, this union holds a special place in our hearts. The ultimate husband-and-wife team, Beth and Randall co-write their vows standing back-to-back (so as not to see each other and break tradition) in a bathroom right before their gorgeous open-air ceremony, which in itself speaks volumes about how endearingly real their relationship seemed to all of us. 

David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek


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How many weddings does one get to witness where one of the grooms breaks into Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby, the officiant dresses akin to a vicar, the maid of honour wears a white (wedding) dress, and the other groom makes a fashion statement in a coat and tie over shorts and sneakers? Only on Schitt’s Creek—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Packed with witty humour up until the wedding episode, this marriage does not fail to steal all our hearts.

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