6 ways to make digital assistants plan your wedding shenanigans

Make AI hustle so you can make memories.

Weddings bring together the customs of the old and the customisations of the young. With each generation, the ceremonies are orchestrated with a personalised touch and newer systems. Thus, it’s only befitting that the current generation leverage technology and artificial intelligence for their big days. 

Amid the trends of handing out disposable cameras and themed rehearsal dinners, the use of AI for wedding planning is increasingly becoming popular. Couples and families may want to explore the possibility of hiring wedding planners but it comes at a cost.  

Enter AI. From making recommendations to providing you with tools and algorithms tailored for your needs, AI has all the potential to be your next wedding planner. You can make the most of its potential by assigning rudimentary, albeit essential, tasks such as vendor comparisons, guest list management, and RSVP tracking. If used efficiently, AI can take away a lot of the burden off your shoulders. 

Unless you are Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and have gigantic folders with tags and labels and the likes, we propose you give AI the chance to be the Liv Lerner (Kate Hudson) to your Emma Allan (Anne Hathaway) to be the confrère on all your bride wars to be!

Tailored recommendations

AI platforms are a one-stop destination for everything from creative ideas to a list of vendors that would fit individual preferences, budget, vision, and requirements. Platforms like The Knot and WeddingWire are revolutionising their practices by introducing AI chatbots that act as personal digital assistants, aiding you in streamlining your choices in the pre-wedding stages. Caterers, photographers, DJs, pre-wedding shoot destinations, you name it! These AI-powered tools provide phenomenal recommendations. For instance, depending on your guest list and theme, you can ask The Knot’s chatbot to suggest venues.

Customised idea inspiration

Have you found yourself scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, picking from numerous mood boards to create your own? We get you—it may seem all fun in the movies, but it’s gruelling when you have to devote endless hours to it. AI can analyse your preferences through machine learning and present you with ideas that would befit your aesthetic and encompass your unique touch. Bridebook, an AI tool, works seamlessly to handpick themes, colours, and decor from the countless options available.

Vendor matching

From florists and chefs, to musicians and photographers, there is a long list of vendors that will come together to make your dream wedding come true. Zeroing in on these requires you to go through their work, engage in numerous lenghty conversations to share your vision and aesthetic, and so on. Thanks to AI platforms like Zola, you can get a list of vendors tailored to your choices and also make connecting with them easier.

Budget allocation

No matter how much one tries to manage their expenses, once the festivities of the wedding commence, your expenditure hits the roof with unexpected situations or sundry spends. AI bots serve as the best budget advisors as they can divide your budget according to your desired spending and then present you with vendor options that fit within your allocated amounts. Furthermore, they can also be used to create expense charts and sheets, which can be your Holy Grail to achieve your dream wedding within your allocated budget. 

Guest list management 

Whether it’s a destination wedding or not, keeping track of the invite list is a daunting task. It’s best to let AI take charge of such tasks, as its capabilities to keep track of lists are more accurate and efficient. For all the Sharmajis who can’t send in confirmation until a week before the wedding and all the Bhatias who might cancel last minute, turn to AI to keep an account and update your vendors accordingly.

Bespoke wedding invites 

Between putting your creativity to a test and going to various graphic designers, take a moment and turn to AI. DALL-E, a revolutionary AI platform, known for its imaginative capabilities to create illustrations, blends art and personalisation seamlessly. Whether it’s the minimalism you prefer or a concoction of the abstract or even a geometric sketch for that matter, this platform enables you to create customised illustrations that capture the essence of your love story. 

Open AI used to make a wedding invite.
Open AI used to make a wedding invite.

Integrating AI as a wedding planner might sound questionable at first, but we assure you that not only does it streamline the myriad tasks that come with organising a wedding but also infuse efficiency at every step. Embrace the future and let the machines think for you! 

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