6 ways to personalise your 'phoolon ki chadar' for a memorable wedding entry

Blend tradition with unique touches for a memorable moment.

The bride walking down the aisle with a phoolon ki chadar over her head with her brothers and friends by her side is a heartwarming moment for the wedding party. This tradition holds a significant value to the bride and her family, especially for the brothers and maternal uncles. It is a tradition with a beautiful meaning. The chadar over the bride's head signifies that the bride has been raised with great love and care and has been cherished all her life. It symbolises the protection and support that her family provides as she steps into a new chapter of her life. To make this even more beautiful, these personal customisations will make you want to cherish the chadar forever.

And brides can make the moment uniquely theirs by adding a little bit of you (and your family) to the chadar—whether you choose to arrange the flowers differently or write messages on the cloth, it will be your core memory with your family.

Customised floral arrangements: Choose flowers that hold significance to the bride. Ask the family or friends to bring a bunch of flowers that remind them of the bride and add them to your chadar.

Handprints: Put handprints of all the family members that are very dear to the bride all over the chadar, signifying that their blessings will always be with the bride. This can be done during the haldi ceremony for yellow handprints or with red paint.

Personal messages: A phoolon ki chadar filled with small, cute, and loving messages with colourful pens or paint. This will not only make a great memory but also something you will re-read even after many years of being married.

Photos: Some brides have a chadar with a waterfall of flowers. You can do the same with cute photos of the bride with her siblings and friends. This idea could also be a surprise or a gift from the family to the bride.

Promises to keep: It’s a very cute bride-and-groom moment where the bride writes the vows and promises she is making to her groom on the borders of the chadar. Add a bunch of the couple’s favourite flowers and you have yourself the perfect phoolon ki chadar.


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Something borrowd, from your mother or grandmother: You can either use one of the two's wedding dupatta or, even better, combine the two and create a patchwork pattern.

These personal touches will make the "phoolon ki chadar" tradition more than just a beautiful canopy, It becomes a cherished and emotional experience and celebrates the joy of coming together in celebration.

Feature Image Credits: Brides Today India, Volume-6/ February 2024 issue.

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