This Indo-Mexican couple tied the knot in a multi-cultural ceremony, uniting tradition and love

Rishi and Emila’s wedding was an exploration of heritage, connection, and the power of love.

Rishi, an NRI with deep Indian roots, and Emilia, a Mexican-American bride, tied the knot in Bangalore and culminated their eight years of relationship into a bond of a lifetime last November. This interfaith wedding was unlike any other, where festivities unfolded in various venues across Bengaluru, including the beautiful Amita Rasa and Rishi’s family residence.

Sealed in a white wedding where the couple was tied in a lasso of eternity, symbolising their unbreakable unity, and the Mangal Phere representing Indian sacredness, this wedding was imbued with culture, sentiments, and emotions. 

The couple met through friends in their freshman year, and Rishi proposed to Emilia in Hampi as he wanted to bring his bride truly home. “Rishi and I met during our freshman year at Chapman University, a small school in Orange County, California. We were introduced by one of our best friends, who lived in the same dorm. I was studying music, and Rishi was studying business, but we often hung out with friends from various colleges and courses. This helped us become friends very quickly,” said Emilia. 

The festivities started in an unconventional yet significant flow on November 24 with a welcome lunch, followed by a saafa bandibaarat, and a varmala ceremony. 

The night came alive with raas garba, merging Indian and Mexican beats seamlessly. The magic truly ensued on the 25, with a unique dosas and mimosas function where guests from both sides mingled joyously, followed by the white wedding and the sangeet.

The celebration culminated with the Mangal Phere on the 28, held at Rishi’s family home, resonating with the essence of heritage and connection. 

When asked about why she and Rishi went ahead with the dosa and mimosa theme, Emila says, “When we were in college, the song 'Doses and Mimosas' was really popular. We used to laugh about how funny it was, and later on, we thought it would make a really cool wedding theme. We were pretty sure someone had done it before, but we were excited to find that it hadn't been used at any weddings we knew of. When we suggested the idea to Momente, they loved it, and we decided to go forward with that theme for one of our events for our wedding.”

All images: Momente Weddings

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