Here’s why you should cook with your partner more often

It's a secret recipe for a healthy relationship.

The currently popular "orange peel trend" suggests that your partner's love is determined by whether they peel an orange for you. However, we believe cooking together is a better test of companionship. It bonds you and provides insight into your relationship's future. Here's why you should try cooking with your partner:

You’ll know how they handle a crisis 
Cooking isn't always a walk in the park; even if you're a pro, a lot can go haywire. An accidental spice overload, a sizzling pan threatening a fire dance, or realising you forgot a crucial ingredient—it's essentially an adventure. When you cook with your partner, you get a front-row seat to witness how they handle these kitchen crises. Do they stay cool as a cucumber, ready to solve any hiccup? Or do they hit the panic button and declare it a culinary catastrophe? It's more than just cooking; it's a sneak peek into their crisis-management style, a fun way to understand them on a deeper level.

It is a step towards effective communication 

Cooking together involves constant communication. Dividing tasks, following a recipe, and assisting each other create a two-way flow of communication. It offers insights into how your partner tends to communicate and whether the interaction is smooth. In this way, cooking together becomes an effective means of communication that can enhance your relationship and foster closeness between you two.

It gives you a glimpse into your relationship’s compatibility level

Compatibility is a crucial factor in any relationship, as it largely shapes the dynamics between partners. Cooking together serves as a litmus test for gauging compatibility, particularly in terms of teamwork and decision-making. The kitchen becomes a microcosm, reflecting how well you both collaborate, share responsibilities, and reach consensus. It's not just about creating a meal; it's about understanding each other's preferences, compromising, and finding a balance. In essence, cooking together becomes a fun and practical way to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Allows you to spend quality time together 

Spending time together is invaluable in a relationship, and cooking together is an often underestimated activity to do this. When you consider it, it's not just about preparing a meal; it's an excellent way to bond with your partner. The satisfaction derived from the collaborative effort is truly rewarding. As both of you work together to create a dish, overcoming challenges along the way, the final outcome becomes a source of joy. It's a simple yet fulfilling way to invest time in each other. 

Makes for a great date night idea 

Cooking together with your partner instead of going out for dinner is a great (and better) date night option. From picking a recipe to working as a team in the kitchen, the process fosters communication and collaboration. It's a delightful way to connect, share laughs, and savour each other's company while crafting a delicious meal. Whether you're seasoned chefs or beginners, the shared effort and the joy of enjoying the results make it a unique and fulfilling date night experience that stands out from the usual routine.

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