Here's how you can know you've found the one

These signs are proof that you've in fact found the love of your life.

Finding 'the one' isn't as easy as romantic comedies make it seem. And it's definitely not as simple as bumping into someone on a bustling street, getting stuck in an elevator, or reconnecting with a long-lost friend who, you later realise, is the love of your life.

Finding someone is 'the one' is a process. But the irony is, even if you've found that someone, no one will knock at your door and shake you to tell you, "hey, they're the one". For the most part, it will be a feeling that comes from within, but if you are still confused or cannot go with your gut instinct without self-doubt, here are a few signs that will convince you that you have truly found 'the one'.

They are the ones you want to talk to after a bad day 

At the end of the day, it's about the person you want to see after having a terrible day. Spending just 10 minutes together or over a video call and hearing their voice instantly turns your day around. For, in that moment, you forget about every problem in the world whether it's your boss making your life difficult at work or the morning coffee that spilled on you and ruined your favourite shirt.

You’re at ease with them 

Even if anxiety is your constant companion, with the right partner, you'll find yourself much more at ease. Often, you'll catch yourself reaching for their number on your cellphone instinctively. Feeling completely at ease with your partner is a key indicator that you've found the right person. It means that when you're around them, you experience a natural sense of comfort and relaxation. Being yourself without fear of judgment or pretense becomes second nature, fostering open communication and a genuine connection. 

During a fight, it is you and them v/s the problem, not you v/s them 

Fights are an integral part of a relationship. However, the motto of every argument or disagreement you have with your partner should be to solve the differences and work on them to grow together in the relationship. When you find the one, you will notice that even during fights, it's you and them vs the problem. You will see that they don’t want to win a fight against you; they want to work on the issues to get better at being with you.

They make you a better person 

They support you at all times but won't hesitate to tell you when you’re wrong. Essentially, they not only make you a better person but also inspire you to want to be a better person. When you realise you have grown in the relationship, that's when you know you've found 'the one'.

They treat your loved ones as their own 

When your partner starts treating and caring for your family to your close friends, you know they’re in it for the long run. This goes beyond individual care to include genuine interest, support, and respect for your family and friends. Whether actively joining in gatherings, offering empathy during tough times, or celebrating special occasions together, their actions indicate a desire to build meaningful connections with the important people in your life. 

You’re happy to make sacrifices for them 

Don’t get us wrong; we don't mean it in a patriarchal or "I will throw my life away for you" kind of way. But when you are genuinely in love with someone, you automatically agree to make small adjustments for them. This is one of the signs that you’ve found the one, as they also seem to happily make adjustments for you.


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