Here's why we might want to stop dissing on arranged marriages

Perhaps, it’s time to reconsider?

Despite common stereotypes portraying arranged marriages as devoid of love and merely transactional for familial or societal gain, they are said to foster deep connections and enduring companionship when approached with genuine consent and understanding. So, If you're still on the fence about going that route to find your life partner, perhaps it's time to reconsider. Here are some compelling reasons why arranged marriages might not be as negative as it is made to be.

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You start from a place of common values and upbringing

When you sign up for the idea of arranged marriage, you're already sharing your goals and values with each other - it’s the first thing you discuss. Additionally, in a setup like this, the main criteria for considering someone for marriage comes from a place where someone else shares the same values or upbringing - for example, a family friend. From the get-go, you're on the same page regarding what you want out of life and your future together. This shared foundation creates a solid platform for building a relationship, as you're starting off with a mutual understanding and alignment on important aspects such as family, career aspirations, cultural beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

Reduced dating pressure 

Dating nowadays can feel like navigating a maze of uncertainty, especially with all the new terms like ghosting and breadcrumbing thrown into the mix. It's tough to find something genuine amidst all the confusion. Arranged marriages, however, offer a way out of this dating minefield. With families taking the lead in introductions, individuals can skip the stress of searching for the right partner in today's complex dating world. This means no more worrying about impressing someone or decoding mixed signals. Instead, arranged marriages allow people to focus on building real connections without all the dating drama, making them a simpler option for those looking for companionship.

Comes with in-built support from family 

Arranged marriages often come with the benefit of strong family support and involvement. With families playing a central role in the matchmaking process, individuals have a built-in support system to guide them through challenges and provide assistance when needed. When done the right way and by understanding boundaries this familial support not only strengthens the bond between the couple but also fosters a sense of security and belonging within the marriage.

Finding the right partner doesn't come with stress

In arranged marriages, there's no stress to find a partner. Instead of feeling pressured to search for the right match, families and matchmakers take on the responsibility. This relieves you from the burden of constantly seeking a partner and allows you to focus on other aspects of your life, like career or personal growth. Without the stress of finding someone on your own, you can approach the process with a more relaxed mindset, knowing that your family has your best interests at heart.

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