Tips and ideas for building a stunning (and delicious) grazing table this festive season 

It will be the life of the party!

Come festive season, there are a slew of parties and get-togethers that take over our social calendar. And if you’re someone that loves hosting parties as much as attending them, there are plenty of ways you can make your festive bash an event to remember. One of them includes a showstopper of a grazing table that is guaranteed to be a hit. A good party is all about great food, and a grazing table allows everyone to share the joy of eating, and is more flexible too. It is fancier than a simple snack bar, and they make for beautiful pictures as well!

Ahead, discover tips and ideas if you’re setting up a grazing table for the first time, or just looking for some inspiration.

Experiment with different cuisines

When one thinks of a grazing table, a large charcuterie board laden with cheese, fruits, crackers and meats comes to mind. But a grazing table can have anything you want. A grazing table with regional south Indian dishes like mini idlis, vadas, and an assortment of chutneys will go down a treat, or even a Gujarati-themed one with jalebi, shrikhand, khakhra, fafda and more. You don’t even need to restrict yourself to Indian cuisine—how about a sushi grazing table or a Mexican build-your-own-taco corner?

Play with different layouts and heights
Grazing tables usually involve the food items laid down on a table, and a great way to break that monotony is by adding different levels to it. Bring out your cake stands, lazy susans, along with plenty of different bowls and plates to add interest and variety. 

Make the most of signage
If you have guests with allergies, or are serving a wide variety of dishes and food items at your grazing table, it is ideal to include tags and signs for ease. This way, your guests won’t be kept guessing and will know exactly what they’re getting, and it also will be helpful for those with restrictions and allergies. Plus, we love the look of handwritten signs—they add an element of personalisation to your table!

Convert a salad bar into a grazing table
Who said a grazing table only has to contain small bites? You can convert your salad course into a grazing table, with just a few tweaks. Set up a DIY salad bar at your party or wedding, and incorporate elements of different types of salads in the same setting, so your guests can pick and choose. 

Pile and push together your food together

One of the most important rules of grazing tables is that they shouldn’t look too sterile or sparse. And the key to getting that abundant, full and welcoming look is by having the food items close and touching by piling and pushing dishes together—it’s okay if the sections overlap.

Go the sweet route
No one can say no to desserts during the festive and holiday season, especially if it’s presented in the form of a cool sweet-themed grazing table? Go all out with a dessert bar that has all your favourite desserts in one place. For this, it’s best to choose desserts that are non-fussy and can be made or bought ahead—think brownies, doughnuts, jalebi, laddoos. There’s no rule to sticking to just mithai or global-inspired desserts, you can totally mix the two! You can also provide small boxes to your guests so they can fix up their own little goodie bag to take home. 

Incorporate decor elements 
Your grazing table doesn’t have to be plain and simple with only food on display. If you want it to be a more seamless part of your party, try adding those decor elements in the table—think matching flowers, candles, foliage and more. This will draw attention to the grazing table by making it pop!


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