Movies that are all about the perfect summer romance

Watch these with your boo, under those magical blue skies.

I’ll be the first to admit—there’s nothing more sweet, charming and exciting than a summer romance and we’ve all wished we had it at some point in our lives. Our idea of summer love has been defined by the countless films made on this. The montage of multiples date nights out, cycling by the beach, dancing at the local bar, cuddling in secret corners for first kisses, and sitting by the edge of a hill watching the sunset, is ingrained in our minds forever. With sunshine season on, we figured you may want to be re-inspired and feel all warm and loved-up after a movie date with your beau. Here’s a list of movies that scream summer love in 100 different, cheesy ways. Read on. 

The Notebook 

This all-time romantic classic is ideal for you and your partner to cosy up to (with a glass of wine), after a long and hectic work-week. The film, starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling follows the love story of teenage Allie and Noah. It goes back and forth in time as an aged Noah tells the story to an Alzheimer’s-stricken Allie, in an old age home. The film is filled with the perfect blend of happy tears and sad ones and a bunch of smiles and laughter, all along the way. Also, if not for the spectacular, heart-warming plot, watch it for the iconic kissing scene that is totally unmissable. 

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again 

A personal favourite, the prequel to the Meryl Streep starrer, is about a young Donna Sheridan who has just graduated from the University of Oxford and makes a choice to travel the world and discover herself. Of course, on the way, she stumbles upon love—the one-night kind, followed by a fun, exciting kind of love and the third—the one that you wish lasts forever. The movie screams summer, music, love, and adventure and is filled with songs that you can definitely sing along to. A pro tip? You can watch this with your boo and also, your girlfriends for a girls night in. 

The Kissing Booth (1, 2 and 3)

The 3-part Netflix movie that took the world by storm is a major throwback to the clichéd high-school chick flick that will remind you of the good ol' days. The first movie follows the story of Elle Evans, who has a major crush on her childhood best friend, Lee’s older brother, Noah (who is major eye-candy, by the way). Replete with mishaps and cutesy moments that are bound to make you smile, we’d definitely recommend watching these, if you’re planning to have a full-swing movie marathon, over a summer weekend. 

Dirty Dancing 

A summer romance watch-list would be incomplete without Dirty Dancing, no two-ways about that! Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, this 80’s film about summer love, is as steamy, classy and chic as it can get. It follows the story of young Frances ‘Baby', holidaying with her parents at a resort, who is taken in by the resort’s dance instructor and persuades him to teach her how to groove. The two do so, inevitably falling in love (the forbidden kind) and end the movie on a glorious note with the film’s iconic number, Time of My Life

Before Sunrise 

Have you ever imagine accidently bumping into someone a train ride, having the most surreal and magical conversations and ending the meeting with a dreamy kiss? Well, the iconic film Before Sunrise is just that. When Jesse, an American, travelling through Europe meets Celine, a French woman, on a train to Vienna—they decide to spend time together, knowing that they would be parting ways in just a few hours. But here’s the thing, there’s something so powerful about the impermanence of summer love. The two speak about their deepest darkest fears and vulnerabilities, get intimate and bid each other goodbye the next morning. 

Letters to Juliet 

What says summer love more than, Juliet’s house in Verona, a 50-year-old love letter, some Italian food and road trip through gorgeous Italy, just to find the missing 'one'? Letters to Juliet follows the story of aspiring writer Sophie who comes across an old letter hidden in one of the stone crevices in Juliet’s house. She becomes part of the group of women known as Juliet’s secretaries and responds to the letter. What follows, is a warm and charming journey of finding love and rediscovering it through conversation, meals and more.