Which colour palette should you choose for your bridal lehenga, based on your zodiac sign

Will it be traditional red, royal metallics, or romantic pastels?

Back in the day, traditional bridal lehengas mostly came in red, with just a slight difference in shades. Over a period, as brides decided to expand their horizons, many colour palettes got added to wedding outfits. A special day like your wedding deserves an outfit that is not just gorgeous but also makes you feel like you. 

Your zodiac sign can offer insightful inspiration to create a bridal look that reflects your unique personality. Whether you’re a feisty Aries who can take on the world or a romantic Cancer whose love is dreamy and nurturing, there are colour palettes that can exhibit your individual personalities.

Here are the perfect colour palettes tailored for each zodiac sign.

Aries: Fiery hues

Charu and Vasundhara, ₹94,080

Fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and striking metallics capture your fearless spirit and zest for life. Imagine a stunning red gown or accents that make a powerful statement, just like you.

Taurus: Luxe neutrals 

Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor, ₹3,25,000

Grounded and elegant, Taurean brides exude sophistication and natural beauty. Earthy greens, rich creams, and pinks create a serene atmosphere. A Taurean bride would hands down look pretty in pink on her wedding day. 

Gemini: Playful pastels

Papa Don't Preach, ₹98,500

Gemini brides, your lively and adaptable personality shines through in a palette of bright yellows and cheerful pastels. Picture a whimsical blend of sunshine yellow florals with pastel blues and pinks on your wedding attire, capturing your effervescent charm.

Cancer: Romantic moonlight

Ridhi Mehra, ₹2,89,800

As a Cancerian bride, nurturing and emotional essence is best reflected in soft whites and silvery blues. This romantic and serene palette evokes the tranquillity of the moonlit sea, creating an ethereal ambience. An ivory white wedding attire would make you look as graceful as a swan. 

Leo: Royal sheen

Kalighata, ₹2,30,900

Leo brides, your regal and dramatic flair demands opulent golds and deep purples. These colours reflect your bold personality and love for the spotlight. Envision a majestic purple gown with golden accents or a grand venue decked in royal hues

Virgo: Serene greens 

Seema Gujral, ₹1,36,000

Virgo brides, your meticulous and serene nature shines through in a palette of calm greens, peach and classic neutrals. Think of a beautifully designed peach wedding attire, a perfect serene look on your wedding day.

Libra: Elegant pinks 


Sheetal Batra, ₹1,25,000

Libra brides, your harmonious and graceful spirit is captured in soft pinks and elegant ivories. This balanced palette reflects your love for beauty and symmetry. Imagine a blush pink gown paired with ivory lace, creating a dreamy and sophisticated look.

Scorpio: Passionate reds 

Tarun Tahiliani, ₹6,12,400

The intense and mysterious persona of a Scorpio bride is perfectly matched with dramatic blacks and deep reds. Envision a wedding with rich red wedding attire with light smokey makeup, and it will make heads turn. 

Sagittarius: Adventurous blues and vibrant purples

Anita Dongre, ₹4,70,000

Sagittarius brides, your adventurous and optimistic nature is reflected in bold blues and vibrant purples. These lively colours embody your free spirit and love for exploration. Mix some red and royal blue in your wedding outfit for an extra burst of energy. 

Capricorn: Classic blacks and timeless greys

Anushka Khanna, Price on request

Capricorn brides, your disciplined and timeless style is best represented by classic blacks and sophisticated greys. Imagine a sleek black dress or accents with timeless grey decor, creating a wedding that is both chic and enduring.

Aquarius: Rich blues 

Mrunalini Rao, ₹3,24,800

Aquarius brides, your innovative and free-spirited nature calls for electric blues and striking silvers. This futuristic palette reflects your unique and unconventional style. Envision a wedding with a bold blue gown and silver sequin details, that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Pisces: Dreamy lavender 

Mansi Malhotra, ₹ 3,26,472

The dreamy and artistic soul of a Pisces bride is captured in soft pastels and lavender. This romantic palette evokes a sense of fantasy and wonder. A lavender gown with an ivory sequin work will give you your true Disney princess moment on your special day. 

All images: Their respective designers
Lead image: anitadongre.com (L) and ridhimehra.com (R)

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