Dental care regime every bride and groom should follow 18 months before the wedding

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Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, one filled with joy and love. As you meticulously plan every aspect of the ceremony and celebration, don't overlook the significance of a bright and confident smile. A well thought-out dental care regimen can ensure your smile radiates as brilliantly as your love on this special day. Let's delve deeper into the dental care steps for each phase of your wedding planning.

12-18 months before: lay the foundation

Embark on your dental journey by scheduling a comprehensive dental consultation a year or more in advance. Assess your current dental health and discuss any concerns or aspirations you have for your smile. This is the ideal time to address such as misaligned teeth, discolouration, or other aesthetic concerns. Consider orthodontic adjustments, dental implants or even veneers to achieve the perfect smile. Starting early allows ample time for any necessary dental work, ensuring that your smile is picture-perfect by your wedding day.

9-12 months before: cultivate good oral health habits

Establish a rigorous dental care routine to maintain optimal oral health. Make it a habit to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss regularly, and use a mouthwash to eliminate bacteria and maintain fresh breath. Consume tooth-friendly foods and limit the intake of staining beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine. Prioritising dental hygiene during this phase will lay the groundwork for a dazzling smile that will last long after the celebrations.


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6-9 months before: address existing dental concerns

Take care of any pending dental issues during this time. Schedule appointments for necessary treatments such as fillings, and crowns. Attending to these matters in advance will ensure that your dental health is in optimal condition as your big day approaches, giving you the confidence to smile brightly without any reservations.

3-6 months before: brighten your smile

Consider professional teeth whitening to enhance the radiance of your smile. Consult your dentist to determine the most suitable whitening method based on your dental condition and desired results. Whether you opt for in-office treatments or at-home kits, teeth whitening can significantly enhance the appearance of your smile, leaving you beaming with confidence.

1-3 months before: refine your smile

If you're considering a smile makeover, three months before your big day is the ideal time to explore cosmetic dental procedures. Veneers, bonding, or contouring can address various concerns such as chipped, misshapen, or discoloured teeth, allowing you to achieve the flawless smile you've always dreamed of. Planning these procedures in advance will ensure that your smile looks immaculate and natural, enhancing your overall appearance on your wedding day.


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2 weeks before: final touches

Schedule a final dental check-up to ensure that everything is in place for your special day. Address any last-minute concerns and discuss strategies for maintaining oral hygiene during the hectic wedding preparations. Your dentist can provide guidance on quick fixes and emergency dental kits to keep your smile looking impeccable throughout the festivities.

On the Big Day: Showcase your radiant smile

Keep a dental touch-up kit on hand for any unforeseen emergencies and put on that shiny smile!
By following this comprehensive dental care timeline, you can confidently flash your stunning smile. Remember, your smile is not just a reflection of your joy on this day but a lifelong asset that deserves proper care and attention. Prioritising your dental health during the wedding planning process ensures that your smile remains as enchanting as your love for years to come.

Inputs by Dr Parampreet Kohli (MDS), Celebrity Dentist, Smile Design Expert, Founder of Smile Couture Dental Clinic, Mumbai

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