Alia Bhatt's French twist bun at the National Film Awards 2023 is pure bridal inspiration

Here’s how you can recreate her stunning look in just a few steps!

Alia Bhatt’s style and beauty moments have won hearts both on and off the red carpet. Her recent appearance at the National Film Awards this year was no exception, as she effortlessly exhibited a sophisticated hairdo that will serve as timeless inspiration for brides looking for that classic and glamorous touch on their big day.  

The French twist bun, as donned by Alia, is a versatile choice that compliments a variety of bridal ensembles. Whether you are a bride-to-be seeking an elegant and sophisticated look for your wedding day or simply looking to recreate Alia’s look for a special event, here’s your step-by-step guide on how to pull off the hairdo! 

Prepare your hair 

Start with clean, dry, and smooth hair. Brush your hair to ensure that it’s free of tangles and easy to work with. If you want to add volume to your bun, place a hair doughnut or padding at the crown of your head, securing it with bobby pins. This step is optional but can make your bun look fuller.  

Create a low ponytail 

Gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck and create a low ponytail. Secure it in place with a hair elastic band making sure it’s not too tight as you will need loose hair strands for the next steps.

Twist your hair and secure it 

With the ponytail in place, use your free hand to grasp the end of the ponytail and begin twisting it upwards and towards the centre of the back of your head, creating a rolled-up shape. Then, secure the twist by inserting bobby pins or hairpins vertically along the length of the twist. Make sure to place them evenly and close enough to keep the twist secure. 

Tuck the ends 

If you have any loose ends sticking out, tuck them under the twist. You can also use bobby pins to secure any loose ends, making sure they are hidden within the twist. 

Add flowers

Now, it’s time to adorn your French twist with white flowers. For this step, start by inserting the stems of the flowers into the twist on the sides, top, or bottom of the bun, depending on your preference. To secure the flowers, use U-shaped hairpins or flower hairpins. Gently push the pins through the stem of each flower and into the twist. Ensure that the flowers are stable and won’t fall out

Set with hair spray

To provide extra hold and ensure your French twist bun stays in place throughout the evening, lightly spray it with quality hair spray. This will help tame any flyways and maintain the bun’s polished appearance.