Simple vastu tips for a better love life

It's all about the good vibes.

Love holds the potential to bring immense joy and happiness to our lives. However, at times, it can get complicated and difficult to maintain. It can also be a complex and challenging to navigate through it. Many individuals have encountered difficulties in their love lives, including heartbreak and negative emotional situations.

Sometimes, when faced with challenges in your love life, seeking guidance from Vastu Shastra can be beneficial. The  traditional Indian system of architecture offers various ways to improve one's love life, providing a surge of positive energy in fortifying the love relationship. Additionally, it can enhance the prospects of finding a compatible partner.

Here are some simple Vastu tips recommended by Sneha Jain, tarot card reader, Reiki master, and founder of the Hope Tarot, that may contribute to the enhancement of your love life:

Energise your love corner: Focus on the cleanliness and organisation of the northeast corner of your house or bedroom. Avoid placing heavy objects in this area. Consider adding a touch of red, such as a wall hanging or painting to boost the energy of love.

Avoid artificial floral arrangements: It is a huge Vastu dosh (fault) to add artificial floral arrangements or artificial flowers in your home, as they may lead to stagnation and compromise in your love life. Remove any artificial arrangements, especially from the bedroom.

Items placed in form of pairs: Incorporate items in pairs within your home, particularly in the bedroom shared by the couple. For example, if there is one painting, add another to create a pair. This practice can activate the energy of love and strengthen the bond between partners.

Using crystals: Utilise rose quartz crystals, known for enhancing love energy, in your bedroom. Place a rose quartz crystal in the northeast corner or under the mattress of the bed. You can also wear rose quartz as pendants or bracelets to attract more love energy.

Use of turmeric: Add a pinch of turmeric to your bathing water and food. Turmeric is believed to increase the chances of finding love and marriage. For 44 days, include a pinch of turmeric in your bathing water to manifest love. Similarly, adding a pinch of turmeric to your meals can also enhance the probability of marriage.

Adding pink and red to home decor: Incorporate shades of pink and red in your home decor, particularly in the bedroom and bed area. The use of pink and red colors can increase the likelihood of love in your relationship.

By incorporating these simple Vastu tips, you can create a more positive environment in your home, which has the potential to improve your love life. 

Tips recommended by Sneha Jain, tarot card reader, Reiki master, and founder of the Hope Tarot