Non-sticky lip oils you must invest in for gorgeous, plump, kissable lips

Get your gloss on!

Raise your hand if you have experienced the ‘sticky lip gloss meets windy day’ struggle! It’s one of those all-too-relatable beauty mishaps we have experienced. But don’t worry, we have an alternative that’s about to upgrade your lip game and bid farewell to those sticky gloss troubles once and for all. Say hello to lip oils!

If you didn’t know, lip oils are a smart blend of lip care and make-up. They’re like a two-in-one solution for your lips as they combine the benefits of a lip balm and a gloss, addressing common concerns along the way. These products excel in hydration, thanks to the infusion of nourishing oils like jojoba, coconut, or argan oil, making them especially effective for combating dry or chapped lips. Additionally, these lip oils provide a natural, healthy-looking shine, adding a touch of gloss without the sticky, discomfort often associated with your traditional lip glosses. Many lip oils come in an array of shades, offering a sheer tint for a subtle pop of colour while also maintaining a comfortable, non-sticky feel. With lasting power, lip oils are a versatile choice, requiring fewer touch-ups. No more hair sticking to your lips. 

Ahead, we have picked some of our favourite non-sticky lip oils you need to add to your beauty cart right now! 

Simply Nam Golden Hour Lip Oil, ₹990

If you’re seeking the perfect fusion of comfort and hydration, this Simply Nam golden hour lip oil is a must-have! With each application, you’re not only getting an instant boost of shine but also healthier, more radiant lips in the long run. With their beautiful tinted gloss and oil-like texture, they also actively work to enhance your natural moisture levels, leaving you with smoother lips over time!

Victoria’s Secret Lip Glow Conditioning Lip Oil, ₹1,499

Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a world of conditioning, softness, and smoothness with Victoria’s Secret lip glow conditioning lip oil. It boasts long-lasting wear, ensuring your lips stay pampered throughout the day. It’s the perfect addition to your daily routine, improving your overall lip texture with each application. 

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath, ₹3,750

Charlotte Tilbury’s collagen lip bath is your go-to solution for achieving fuller, refined, and incredibly kissable lips while bidding farewell to fine lines around your mouth. Infused with coconut oil which is renowned for its conditioning magic, this lip bath works tirelessly to hydrate and pamper your lips. 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Overnight Lip Oil-Serum White, ₹2,550

This revitalising lip oil serum is like a soothing bedtime ritual for your lips. Enriched with a blend of nourishing hydration and precious oils derived from camellia, rose, and lavender, it is designed to leave your lips feeling soft, supple, and utterly pampered. Their plush applicator feels like a pillow for your lips as it glides effortlessly over lip contours, giving your lips a hint of shine with each application. Simply apply it over bare lips at night, and let it work its magic while you sleep. 

Kiehl’s Love Oil For Lips, ₹1,400


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Kiehl’s love oil for lips is your ticket to softer, smoother lips. Skin-loving ingredients like coconut oil and acerola cherry work together to pamper your lips with every application. 


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