An easy-to-follow guide to finding your signature scent

Woody or floral, what do you gravitate towards?

Fragrances can evoke feelings or bring up a core memory. They can become a feature that people associate with you over time and even catalyse the process of you falling in love. However, for any of this to happen you must find your signature scent. We get it though, it’s not easy. The world of perfumery is brimming with jargon that sounds like pig Latin to most of us. So, here is an easy-to-follow guide to aid you in your quest. 

Consider all fragrance families

Understanding the various fragrance families is the first step towards finding a scent that works for you. Fragrances are usually grouped into four categories—floral, fresh, amber, and woody. While a lot of perfumes are a harmonious blend of notes from various families, figuring out which family you gravitate most towards can help you narrow your search for a signature scent.  

Know your perfume notes 

Before you venture into a perfume store and stare at all the beautiful bottles like a 10-year-old in a candy store, you should know a little about the scent profile. Each perfume is basically created like a pyramid. There is a top note, a middle note and the base note. The first fragrance you smell when you spray a perfume is the top note. These are usually light and floral. Then comes the middle note which is slightly heavier. And finally, once the perfume has had a little time to settle, you can smell the base note. This lingers the longest. 

Sample first  

When we say sample first, we don’t mean spraying the perfume on a piece of paper before purchasing. If you really want to find your signature scent, it’s important to remember that the body’s chemistry and skin pH levels interact with each perfume differently. This is the reason that one perfume can smell different on different people. So, to avoid buying something that you may not like always buy miniatures or testers first. Then, once you’re sure of the fragrance you can get the whole bottle. This also allows you to experiment a little bit.  

When in doubt, stick to the classics  

The classics are classics for a reason. While trends may come and go, perfumes like Chanel no 5 or Carolina Herera Good Girl are timeless. So, during your journey of finding your signature scent, stick to iconic fragrances and you won’t go wrong!