Checklist to help you make the most of your pre-wedding photoshoot

A guide to the best poses, handy tips and more.

It’s time to tell the world to save the date and block their calendar for a few days of fun and celebration of your love story. While you maybe waiting for the final day, a pre-wedding shoot, serves as an extra chance to create everlasting memories. And with there being more chances of things going wrong than right, as you multitask during the run up to your big day, here are some things to keep in mind that ensure your pre-wedding shoot is smooth sailing. 

Let your photographer know what you want

Often, your photographer and videographer are unfamiliar with you, your partner, and your love story. Thus, it is important to meet them beforehand and acquaint them with your story, your likes, dislikes, preferences, and so on. You can throw in details about your a place or song that is of immense significance to the two of you. You can also take tips from them to be better prepared for the shoot day.  

Choose the right location

Do you and your partner love the beach or are you nature lovers? Do galleries and museums hold your attention? A pre-wedding shoot is only as good as the place you pick, so choose wisely. It could also be a spot that you have an emotional connection with—the place where you first met, went on the first date, etc. 

Make a mood board

Let the many content creators inspire you for putting together a mood board for your pre-wedding shoot. Look up references for poses, attire, locations and more. Collaborate with the photographer to decide the shots that will best go with your couple vibe and make you both look comfortable in your skin and happy together. Leave the candid shots for the photographer to capture; those turn out to be the most fun ones. 

PS: It might be a pre-wedding photo shoot, but take the opportunity to get some good solo shots clicked in the perfect dress and the perfect location. 

Bring in props and accents

If either of you are awkward in front of the camera, use props to feel more at ease. These can be something as basic as hats, wine glasses a sign with the 'save the date' creative and so on. 

Choose the right outfit

What you wear for your pre-wedding shoot has to be in sync with the theme and the location backdrop. For instance, if you want to dress up like a prince and princess, choose a palace or a fort rather than a park or the road. Also, get your outfits ready well in advance. 

The right lighting

The lighting isn’t an issue if you’re shooting indoors, but you need the sun to be on your side to make your outdoor shoot look romantic. The golden hour is the perfect time with the soft light that adds to the mood. The sunset is another popular time of the day to click warm, cosy pictures. 


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