Unique ideas for surprising your partner on your anniversary

Show them some extra love on your special day.

Anniversaries are an important part of our relationships. They’re a reminder of a special day of love or a momentous occasion of our journey so far. They’re rooted in love, romance, nostalgia, and more. Despite the over-the-top meaning given to their celebratory nature, sometimes, reveling in cheesy notions and romantic gestures can be fun, exciting, and beautiful. But once successful and creative gifts are now run-of-the-mill and regular ideas. So, if you’ve been trying to think of the perfect anniversary surprise for your boo, skip the old bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates and think of something grander. Read on for a list of ideas that you can surprise your partner with on your special day. 

Name a star

If you and your partner are astronomy buffs, one of the most romantic gifts you could give them is naming a star after them. The concept originated in the early ‘70s and allows people to express their love for someone in the most magical way. Different registries across the world help you choose a star based on the person’s star sign and the date being commemorated. All you have to do is give them the name and a message that you want to share with your loved one. It really couldn’t get more romantic than this. 

Surprise them with a weekend getaway 

Skip the wine and dine date nights and plan a surprise weekend getaway with your partner. Choose a place that the two of you have been wanting to visit for a while but didn’t get the chance to. You can surprise them by hiding the flight tickets in their closet, or writing them a letter the night before you leave. You can make it even more romantic by planning a surprise candle-lit dinner at your destination for the perfect anniversary celebration. 

Revisit the places you went when you first began dating

For all high school sweethearts, we’d definitely recommend taking a trip down memory lane and visiting the places you used to when you first fell in love. From favourite cafes and bookstores, to seafront walks and more, spend the day reminiscing and celebrating your love. You can go the old-school way and gift them handwritten notes, sweets, and even a single rose to complete the surprise. 

Cook or bake for them 

If you and your partner love nothing but staying in, spending quality time with each other, and enjoying a good meal, then we’d recommend surprising your beau with a home-cooked meal. Take the day off from work, go the extra mile by going grocery shopping, cook their favourite foods, and create a romantic ambience with scented candles and instrumental music. You can end the night by watching your all-time favourite movie and cuddling to sleep. 

Plan the adventure of a lifetime 

If you really want to surprise your partner with a fun, exciting, and memorable day, here’s your cue to plan the adventure of a lifetime. Go to a karaoke bar and sing your heart out, go crazy with paintballing, sign up for a cooking workshop or attend a wine tasting—do something out of the ordinary and have an experience that will be ingrained in their mind and heart forever.