Brides-to-Be, Watch Out For Therse 7 Common Healthy Foods That Can Ruin Your Fitness Regime!

Check out the low-fat and sugar-free foods that claim to be healthy but can actually disrupt your fitness journey.

If you feel like you have hit a weight-loss plateau in your fitness journey, you may want to check your diet. Dietitian Mac Singh, founder of Fitelo shares some so-called 'healthy food' that might actually be unhealthy for you! 


Turns out these cookies are off-limits too. Dietitian Mac Singh says that most of the sugar-free, no maida labels on these biscuits are seldom true. He says, "You get convinced that you can eat these cookies without any guilt. However, that is not true. Most of the so-called healthy cookies contain only 8-10 per cent of whole wheat flour while the remaining is just maida or refined flour. Not only that, unhealthy oil and lots of sugar also feature heavily in the ingredient list."


For many of us, breakfast cereals are a quick, easy and supposedly healthy breakfast option. However, that may not be true. Mac says, "It is often thought that cereals are healthier than our traditional breakfast options such as poha, daliya or paranthas. That is not true. Store-bought cereals are highly processed and full of sugar. They are also not very filling and you may end up over-snacking frequently as compared to the traditional breakfast options that keep you fuller for a longer time."  

LOW-FAT SAUCES may want to put lock away your bottle of ketchup for now. "In order to make sauces palatable, manufacturers have to add a lot of sugar to them. If you compare a full-fat dressing to a zero fat dressing, the zero fat dressing can have up to 10 times more sugar than the full fat sauce," he says.


Diet sodas can be a zero-calorie drink but they are also zero on nutrition. The artificial sweetener used in them can have side effects. 


Greek yoghurts are a go-to snack for every fitness freak. However, the packaged greek yoghurts is not only a sugary disaster but also a cocktail of preservatives and artificial flavours.


Dark chocolate has long been providing solace to many dieters with a sweet tooth. However, most of us are not choosing the healthiest dark chocolate for ourselves. Mac says, "A bar of dark chocolate can have a substantially higher amount of fat and sugar than its conventional counterparts. The key is to choose a dark chocolate bar that has 70 per cent or more cocoa content to fully reap its benefits."


"Sugar substitutes can be a disaster for your body. They not only have side effects but some of these so-called substitutes have as many calories as normal sugar," says Mac.


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