10 affirmations for every groom-to-be

Say these, before you say ‘I do’ for a happy and healthy marriage.

A marriage is a lifetime commitment to someone—it’s beautiful, but it can be overwhelming to say the very least. Wedding jitters, and anxious moments in the lead up to the wedding are completely normal. But all too often (and with good reason, of course) we talk about what a bride-to-be goes through and the gamut of emotions she experiences, that we (kind of) sideline the groom and all that he may be feeling. We’re here to rid you off your worries and reaffirm your belief in your love for each other amidst all the frenzy. Affirmations are a great way to manifest the goals of your relationship and believe in yourself, your partner (and the universe). 

Saying affirmations are said to have a positive effect on your attitude and behaviour towards yourself and relationship with others, so why not for a happy and healthy marriage? In the days or weeks before your marriage, we’d recommend listing down the goals and values of your relationship together and creating affirmations that are true to your beliefs. You can say them or write them down in a joint journal together. But before you begin, we’d also like you to keep in mind that for these affirmations to be most effective, remaining consistent, keeping it real and believing with faith and love in the affirmations as if they are already a reality is super important. 

Here’s a list of affirmations that you can say or use as guidelines to create your own.

I am excited for all that is to come. 

I am blessed to be marrying my best friend. 

Our wedding will be as perfect as we have wanted it to be. 

I am open to giving unconditional love to my wife-to-be and receiving the same. 

Our relationship is and will be based on trust, honest and open communication. 

We are grateful and blessed to have our family and friends with us on our wedding day. 

We are stronger than our disagreements, fights and any obstacle that comes our way. 

I am enabling a safe and secure space for my to-be-wife to express herself as she wants. 

We are attracting healing and growth-oriented energy for our married life. 

We will be supportive of each other through the ups and downs of life.