This epic 'Bridgerton'-themed wedding celebration fuels the fandom for the latest season!

Dearest gentle reader, it’s time to marvel at Harsh and Ishita’s themed-lunch that brought out the Victorian era vibe at its very best.

The impact of TV series on our lives is profound, and Bridgerton is a prime example. Its influence has extended well beyond our screens and dropped right into our celebrations. From Bridgerton-themed soirees, to even weddings. The fascination with the Victorian era and Regency period has always been strong, but it has soared since the series' third season has premiered. 

Curated by Momente Weddings in the picturesque Pink City of Rajasthan, the wedding of Harsh and Ishita was a celebration with every detail exuding novelty and grandeur. They created a thematic "Bridgerton Lunch" for Ishita who adored the series. There could have only been one theme for the wedding says Ishita. “When we discussed our vision with the planners, they discovered my love for Bridgerton. That’s how the concept for a Bridgerton-themed lunch came to life, with every detail, from the decor to the food, perfectly matching the theme.”

During the day, guests and artists dressed in the theme's attire, and the bride and groom even performed a dance. A balloon release ceremony added to the festive atmosphere. The decor featuring pastel colours exuded the perfect English aesthetic. From live performances to personalised corners, every detail was meticulously planned to recreate the series' ambience.

Darshan Shroff and Neha Shroff of Momente Weddings mentioned, “We as planners, meticulously ensured that everything, from the decor to the food presentation and service, matched the Bridgerton theme. We coordinated the decor, colours, and overall look and feel. The food presentation and service were aligned with the theme, featuring international service acts and dancers to evoke the Regency era. We also incorporated experiential gifting like make-your-own tea blends, perfume making, and coaster engraving, which matched the Bridgerton vibe and served as unique takeaways for the guests.”

They went all out, from creating mood boards to ensuring every aspect was executed flawlessly. The result was a stunning event that truly transported guests to the enchanting world of Bridgerton. Safe to say, the reactions from the couple’s friends and family was one of pure joy.

“To be honest, our friends and family were completely overwhelmed and in love with the theme and concept. No one wanted to leave the event location, and the event even overran by a couple of hours because everyone wanted to sit and enjoy the vibe. We selected a beautiful garden to match the theme, and everything came together beautifully. Many guests said they felt like they were transported to Europe and absolutely loved it,” adds Ishita. 

All images: @momenteweddings | Instagram

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