The ultimate packing list for a beach wedding

Here’s a quick checklist for the coastal wedding you're attending!

Imagine this: An exotic sundowner wedding by the sea, tropical décor, a dash of the salty sea breeze, rhythmic sound of the waves, and refreshing mimosas. While it sounds magical, let us give you a hint of reality: the uncontrollable humidity almost melting your makeup, coastal air frizzing up your “90’s blowout hair”, and the harsh sun making you want to swoon—it really isn’t easy!

It's a fact that you can’t fight nature, but you can always be aware and prepare for the wedding according to the season and destination. To make the tedious packing process easier, we’ve curated a list of items you would need for your next coastal fete!

SPF/ Sunblock to avoid sunburn and tanning
Tan lines are truly reminiscent of a successful beach wedding, but no one would want to deal with irritation and sunburns that are complementary to sun exposure. Keeping a sun stick or sunscreen spray with at least SPF 50 would be the best to create a protective shield. Also don’t leave a pair of sunglasses to compliment your attire in the sun.  

Hand/Portable USB Fan to beat the heat.
Hardly any guest would want to cause drama by fainting in the middle of the ceremony. To avoid the mishap, we’d advise carrying a rechargeable fan or a hand fan to keep you cool during the functions.

Sandals/ Loafers for the beach
It’s not an easy feat to walk on the sand wearing heels. We’d suggest carrying footwear that is ideal for the beach setting. For women, it would be best to ditch the heels and carry flip-flops or fancy sandals, and for men loafers could be paired with formal outfits and slippers for casual wear.

Oil blotting papers
Beaches are not compatible with makeup. Often, the humidity leaves your matte makeup look with a sticky, oily base. However, keeping some blotting sheets handy would help you remove the oil and sweat without wiping your makeup off.

Hair serum/shine cream to beat the frizz
The coastal breeze can be cruel to your bouncy beach waves, making it weigh down with all the frizz and grease. Using products to prepare your hair for the weather is the perfect solution to your hair problems. Start off with a hair mask or oil, followed by a hydrating shampoo and a leave-in conditioner. To make your hairstyles last, carry travel size a refresher styling spray and hair serum for a sleek shine.

Weddings come with tight schedules, exhaustion, and parties; and when all these activities occur under the scorching sun, it’s bound to take a toll on your health. In these circumstances, it would be most prudent to carry medicines for fatigue, diarrhoea, body aches and hangover, so that you don’t end up missing out on all the fun.

Beach friendly attire
When attending a tropical beach wedding, it is important to choose your outfit carefully. Steer away from clingy, body-hugging fabrics and go for breathable ones like linen, chiffon sets, organza sarees, and laces. 


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