Reasons why you should opt for intimate weddings (even if you have the budget)

Remember, at its core, it is a celebration of you as a couple.

Lavish, week-long extravaganzas with guest lists runnin into hundreds were once the platinum standard for Indian weddings. However, for a few years now, especially since the pandemic, there has been a drastic shift in the wedding scene; intimate weddings are gaining significant momentum. Couples are increasingly opting for smaller, more meaningful gatherings, prioritising the presence of their nearest and dearest over expansive guest lists. 

Intimate weddings are more than just a trend, they are a reflection of a shift in how couples value their special day. Whether it's a cosy ceremony with your closest family and friends or a small destination wedding in a picturesque location, the possibilities are endless.

This shift not only allows for more personal and memorable experiences, but also helps keep the budget in check and and reduce the hassle of managing a large group. Couples can focus on the finer details, creating bespoke, heartfelt celebrations that truly reflect their love and values. Read on to find out why and how you, too, can plan an intimate wedding. 


Meaningful connections

Smaller guest lists allow for deeper connections with loved ones. There is more room to create a personalised experience, ensuring that each attendee feels special and appreciated. Imagine having heartfelt conversations and shared laughter, instead of a fleeting hello across a crowded room. 


By reducing the guest list, couples can allocate their budget more thoughtfully. This means splurging on more premium services like gourmet catering, bespoke decor, personalised favours, and all the little details that truly reflect the couple’s personalities. The couple can also prioritise a luxurious honeymoon. 

Unique venues

Intimate weddings open doors to unique venues, from a charming heritage haveli in Jaipur to a vineyard in the hills of Nasik. Intimate settings allow for creative decor and a relaxed, sophisticated ambiance.

All in all, intimate weddings foster a deeper sense of intimacy, allowing couples to truly connect with each other and their guests on their special day.

How to plan your intimate wedding? 

Creating an intimate wedding requires a unique, refined approach. Here are some tips to help you create a meaningful and unforgettable event:

Choose the right venue: The venue sets the tone for your wedding. Think beyond the traditional banquet halls. Explore venues that resonate with your style: a heritage haveli, a charming vineyard, or even a cosy homestay for a destination-style celebration.

Personal touches: Infuse your wedding with details that whisper your love story. From custom invitations and handwritten notes, to your favourite cuisines and curated playlists, intimate weddings offer endless opportunities for personalisation.

Experiences over entertainment: Instead of a rigid itinerary, plan on creating more interactive and memorable experiences for everyone. Consider adding elements like live music, wine tasting, or game nights that encourage guests to mingle and create lasting memories.Guest edit: The heart of an intimate wedding is the guest list. Carefully curate a list only including people who matter most in your lives. It's your day, celebrate with those who have witnessed and nurtured your love story.

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