Here's what you can do if pre-wedding photoshoots are not your thing

Skip the clicks for these sulful experiences.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are ideal to create special moments with your partner before the main day. They give you a brief respite from all the wedding frenzy—shopping, decor, sangeet practices and what not! However, it's essential to recognise that they come with considerable financial commitments, contribute to increased shopping responsibilities, and entail additional tasks such as choosing a venue, hiring a skilled photographer, and so on. While some individuals may enjoy this and be kicked about it, you must know a pre-wedding shoot is not the only way to celebrate your love. If you, too, like this author, lean towards forgoing this trend, here are some activities you can consider doing instead of opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot.


Take a trip 

Instead of allocating resources to a pre-wedding photoshoot, consider planning an earlymoon with your partner. This not only allows you to share some meaningful moments before the whirlwind of wedding rituals commence but also gives you a break from all the running around. You can spend time lazing at a beach, hiking a mountain, or doing something adventurous.  

Attend a pottery workshop 

A pottery workshop is a unique bonding experience. Working with clay fosters collaboration and communication, allowing partners to create something beautiful together. For some, the process of shaping the clay becomes a meditative and relaxing activity and acts as an escape from the stress of wedding preparations. Moreover, what you create serves as a lasting symbol of love and the quality time spent together.

Cook together 

Engaging in culinary endeavours with your partner can be enjoyable. It provides a shared objective, fostering teamwork as you work together towards a common goal. It also creates a sense of connection, offering an opportunity to share quality time together. You can follow it up with a candlelit dinner and make it a wholesome experience.

Take a trip down memory lane 

Embark on a journey down memory lane by revisitng places that hold sentimental significance for both of you. Whether it's the spot where you first met or where you proposed, or simply a favourite restaurant where you have celebrated your milestones together. These spots serves as a poignant reminder of the meaning your relationship holds and how far you've come together. 

Enjoy a relaxing spa day 

Indulging in a spa session together is the ideal escape before your wedding day. Rather than opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot, this may be precisely what you require. Whether you choose a weekend retreat at a wellness center or simply take a day off to unwind at your nearest spa, it promises a rejuvenating experience for both of you.

Donate towards a cause 

Consider doing something meaningful by donating towards a cause. Instead of allocating resources to capturing images in an exotic location, contribute to a charity or cause that resonates with both of you. This not only promotes a sense of shared purpose but also establishes a foundation of giving and compassion in your relationship.


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