Bookmark these bridal entries for your upcoming wedding to leave everyone in awe

Some inspo for making a grand entrance on your special day

From going all royal on your big day and arriving like a real-life queen on stunning palkis and majestic raths, to entering in style under a breathtaking phoolon ki chadar, there are countless ways to turn your bridal entry into a show-stopping moment. The way you step in sets the tone of your wedding, builds the excitement, and leaves everyone in awe, eagerly waiting to see what’s next. 

If your wedding day is just around the corner and you haven’t quite nailed down that perfect bridal entry yet, it’s time to take some inspiration. Ahead, we have curated a line-up of some of our favourite bridal entry ideas that will make your special day truly unforgettable! 

Recreate Kiara Advani’s ‘Ranjha’ bridal entry with your own song as you walk under a phooloh ki chadar


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Recreating songs for your bridal entry has been a huge hit among celebs this wedding season. Just like Kiara Advani did with ‘Ranjha’ you can put your own spin on the soundtrack to make it a more personal and touching experience for you and your other half. Consider adding a pearl-embellished phooloh ki chadar, much like the one Advani gracefully walked under with the song playing in the background. 

A floral umbrella parade 

This one is a simple idea that requires minimal effort but adds a touch of charm and elegance to your special moment! For this, have your bridesmaids or family members carry vibrant, floral umbrellas as they escort you down the aisle. Choose umbrellas that are adorned with flowers, complementing your wedding colour scheme or decor. The delicate blooms will create a breathtaking visual as you make your grand entrance and the umbrellas can double up as stylish accessories for your bridal party. 

Dance with your sisters and bridesmaids 

Surprise your guests with a well-rehearsed dance or a choreographed routine. This is not only fun and entertaining but also a great way to showcase your personality and set a joyful tone for your big day. 

Enter on a traditional and beautiful 'palki'

A unique and traditional way to grab your guests' attention as you enter your wedding venue is to have the bride seated in a beautiful floral palki. To add a personal touch, let your brothers play the VIP role by carrying their beloved sister in the palki. 


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