Make a statement on your wedding day with these traditional accessories

Here’s everything you need to complement your lehenga.

Accessorising on your big day is all about adding that personal touch and making your bridal look uniquely yours. Whether it’s a delicate hathphool, a statement necklace or an elegant maang tikka, the right accessories can elevate your entire look and give you the confidence to express your individual style. 

We've put together the ultimate bridal accessory checklist for all your wedding ceremonies.

Maang Tikka 

A maang tikka is a traditional Indian jewellery piece worn by brides on their wedding day. It’s a beautiful ornament consisting of a pendant adorned with intricate designs and gemstones, which is then attached to a chain. Usually, brides wear it in the centre of their hair, so the pendant rests on their forehead. Apart from its cultural and symbolic aspects, it's a gorgeous accessory that adds a touch of elegance to your bridal ensemble. 



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The fragrant gajras add delicate beauty and grace to your bridal look without the need for extravagant hair accessories. These ornate floral accessory, made by stringing together fresh flowers, are often wrapped around a bridal bun or woven into a traditional hairstyle. You can also wear them on a braid, and stand out. Start by braiding your hair, and while at it, leave a small gap between the strands. Now, take a fresh gajra and gently wrap it around the braid in a spiral fashion. This will give your braid a twist, stunningly enhancing your entire bridal look. 


A challa refers to an ornate keychain that brides wear on their waists such that it beautifully sits on the lehenga. The sound of the keys tinkling is considered auspicious and is believed to bring good luck. In order to make it more personalised, consider customising your challa with your family's keychains like how Parineeti Chopra did for her wedding. It's a beautiful way to add a personal and nostalgic element that symbolises the idea of carrying your family's love and blessings with you as you step into this new phase of your life.



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Hathphool is deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition. It is a traditional Indian bridal jewellery piece that consists of a decorative set of rings, connected by delicate chains and worn on the back of the hand. This jewellery complements the bridal attire and adds an extra layer of detail and sophistication to your overall look. 


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