Things you can relate to when your best friend is getting married

It’s an emotional journey, even for you.

You obviously feel a whole mix of emotions when you’re the one getting married—from sheer happiness to nervousness about stepping into a new, unchartered phase of your life. However, you end up feeling so much even when your best friend is getting married. With women besties, it’s like you’re always second-hand feeling what they are feeling. 

When they start dating someone, you’re also invested, as they tell you the big and small things that give them the butterflies. Then as they grow fonder of them, so do you. And if your gal is wronged by a guy, you possibly feel angrier than they do. So naturally, when she has found the one and as the big day arrives, your heart is filled. 

Their wedding seems like a tear-jerker movie

Everything about their wedding makes you cry—from their sangeet performance to helping them pack their suitcases before they move out of their home. Watching them just exist makes your heart feel full. That’s because you know how important the next phase of their life is and you are hoping it brings them all the love there is. 

You wish them all the happiness in the world 

The natural reaction of any bestie on seeing their friend fall is to laugh out loud. But it’s not like their misery brings you joy. It’s the opposite. During all the functions, all that’s there in your heart are prayers for them to get the happiness they deserve. You’ve seen them through relationships and breakups, with boys who didn’t deserve them. And now that they’ve found someone they feel happy with, you want it to last a lifetime!

You get a crash course on planning a wedding 

You’re going shopping with your best friend, you are in on the decoration and the DJ and just every other aspect. You’re running around during the functions to make sure she is ready, her family is ready, and you barely have any time to get dressed yourself. But hey, it’s their day. After this, you know exactly how the wedding market is and you can become a wedding planner if you want to. Okay, exaggeration alert but you get the sentiment, right? 

You’re broke but happy 

You’ve bought new outfits, and jewellery and spent on yourself a LOT. It’s your bestie’s wedding and she’s like family. So now you’re broke. But it’s worth breaking your bank over your best friend’s wedding than all those overpriced Iced Lattes you order every day. 

You miss them already 

Most people get very busy, especially in the first year of their marriage. They are experiencing new things and it takes some time for them to settle. You know that maybe the next set of leaves they will get from work will be utilised to go with their hubby and not you. But it’s okay. You miss them though, already! 

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