A guide to writing the ultimate wedding speech for your BFF’s wedding

After all, you’re the Naina to their Aditi.

Remember when Naina Talwar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani said, “A few years ago, Aditi and I went for a camp together. After returning I didn’t think we would be in touch—but one night, my phone rang, ‘open the door’. And there she was. Aditi—with a pack of cigarettes in her pocket and a beer in one hand. She listened to rock music and I put on ear plugs and fell asleep. I’ve seen her through it all—her craziness, stubbornness, her leather jacket phase, her ‘I am an artist’ phase, her hair colour phase—pink, orange, yellow. But you know, as crazy as she is, she’s also one of the most beautiful and trustworthy friends. I love you Aditi, and I’m going to miss you.”

We’re not crying, you are. 

Becoming the best man or the maid of honour is probably the most exciting part of attending your bestie’s wedding (besides the fact that they’re getting married). It is a privilege and comes with a whole lot of responsibilities, the most important one being the speech. This is the day you’ve been waiting for—to make fun of them, to share the craziest adventures that you have had together, and to reiterate just how much you love them. If you’re wondering where to begin, fret not. We’ve curated a guide for you to write the best speech as a maid of honour or best man at your BFF’s wedding which will leave them feeling warm, nostalgic, and loved. 

Always start with your best-friend and end with the couple

We’d definitely recommend beginning your speech with an ode to your best friend—the one whom you’ve spent much of your life with, who has always had your back, and who will continue to be your soul mate, despite the new entrant in their life. You can list down a few crazy adventures and emotional moments before you pivot towards the couple’s love story and how you saw it all unfold. You can end on a sentimental note by sharing your best wishes for them or with a funny, yet cute remark about the to-be-wedded couple. 

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings
This is a special day—and you’re here for a reason. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings and emotions—excitement, joy, love, put it all in there. Remember, this is the day you’ve spoken about to your best friend for years, how exactly it’s going to be, who all would be there, what you’ll wear, and even the songs you would dance to. You’re the insider here and the couple chose you to give a speech because they know you have so much to say—you know them all too well. 

Don’t be too rude 

It’s almost a prerogative to be mean to your best friend or to mock them every step of the way. While adding their quirks and other humorous elements to your speech might not be such a bad idea, it would be best not to make it all about the humour and jokes. A wedding day has sentimental value not only for the bride and groom but also their family and friends. Gauge what is appropriate to include in your speech and write it accordingly. 

Begin with quote, poem, film dialogue or song lyric 
If you’ve spent more than half your life with this best friend, chances are you have numerous movie dialogues, song lyrics or quotes that you both relate to. Try looking for one that encapsulates the couple's love story, your relationship with them, wedding day energy, or anything else. This will make the to-be-wedded couple feel special and also make the audience identify the couple with a popular film or song. 

Practice, practice, and practice some more

Now that you’re ready with your speech, it’s time to practice it—it’s okay if you mess up, but you can avoid it by practicing it a few times, especially if you tend to get jittery in front of an audience. You can narrate the speech in front of a mirror or a friend, which will also allow you to get a second opinion and honest feedback on your speech. 

Smile and be confident 
The day has finally arrived. You may be nervous, but we know, you’ve got this. It’s time to share your thoughts, feelings, and words right from your heart without any worry at all. Smile and engage with the audience. 


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