Here’s how to make your first Diwali together after marriage even more special

Let your love sparkle this Diwali!

They say the first of everything is always special. It’s not like things stop being special after that but experiencing something for the very first time definitely stays put in our memories. This is why, if you are celebrating your first Diwali together as a married couple, you are probably excited and nervous. You are setting the tone for many festivities to come and you are also figuring how you interact with each other’s families during such celebrations. 

Here’s how you can make your first Diwali as a married couple even more special. 

Go Diwali shopping together 

When you’re celebrating your first Diwali together as a married couple, it will be romantic to go and shop for the festival together. It’s adorable that you are building things as a couple and picking decor items together. It will also help you understand each other’s choices. 

Decorate your home together

See how you work as a team by taking up Diwali decorations as a team project. From hanging the lanterns to placing flowers and floating candles on urli bowls—your first Diwali together as a married couple will be symbolic of how you beautify your lives by being with each other!

Gift each other a little something 

Mark this occasion by gifting each other something special; it may not be expensive because it’s the thought that counts. From bringing them a hamper of their favourite Diwali foods to giving them a gorgeous outfit/accessory, let them know this occasion is a special one in your journey as a couple. 

Spend time with each other’s families 

This is also your first Diwali together with each other’s families, so make it memorable. Make sure you spend some time with both your and your partner’s fam and make them feel a part of your happy moments. 

Take lots of pictures

When we are enjoying the moment a lot, sometimes we end up forgetting to document it. Make sure you take enough pictures and videos! You can even get a picture printed and framed to mark your first Diwali together as a couple. 


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