Feng shui items that every newly-married couple should invest in

Bring in the positive vibes!

Marriage marks a fresh start for couples as they begin one of the most important chapters of their lives. To kick off this new journey with love and happiness, it’s essential to fill the home with positive vibes and energy. That’s where Feng Shui comes in! This ancient practice focuses on bringing harmony and love into married life by using symbols that attract companionship, love, and growth. Here are a few Feng Shui items that can help spark romance in a newly-married couple’s life.

Artefacts in pairs: Having twos of everything strongly depicts the union between two entities. It aligns the cosmic forces towards finding the couple together and in unison. For example, two side tables, two towels, a twin picture frame, etc. By doing this, the couple stays connected by an emotional chord.

Laughing Buddha: According to Feng Shui, Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness. His face brings immense positivity to the home and makes your worries and problems dissapear. Furthermore, it is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It should be placed near your main entrance door and in your kids’ bedroom, but do not keep it on the floor.

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Double eights: According to Chinese tradition and Feng Shui, number eight is a lucky one. And when this number is written twice, the good luck doubles. The symbol of two eights depicts infinite eternity that signifies abound love between the couple that cannot be quantified. This symbol in the room of couple directs celestial energy between them for a blissful conjugal life.

Mystic knot: A Feng Shui symbol, a mystic knot is also called PAN Chang Knot that is used to represent a harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, misfortunes or accidents. Because of this, the symbol is often used in Feng Shui amulets for abundance, love, and protection.

Mandarin ducks: Symbols of marital happiness and fidelity as well as good luck and joy, Mandarin ducks mate for life. The two love birds become so attached that they become indispensable. Keeping them in pairs (as mentioned above), facing each other in the South-West of your home or in your bedroom, would elevate the romance and create positive energies between the couple.

Pictures: In Feng Shui, pictures can be used to attract love and marital bliss between the couple. Pictures of blooming roses, cranes in pairs, a peacock and a peahen, female and a male dragon cause cosmic forces to instil affection and urge to be with each other between a couple.

Inputs by Dr. Jai Madaan, Celebrity Astrologer and Motivational speaker

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