Home makeover: Tips for newly-married couples to do up their new home

Create a sanctuary with your love, one that resonates with both of you.

Amid the whirlwind of romance, love, and celebrations, it’s time for you and your better half to think about a new milestone—your new house. If you are looking to revamp your shared space to start a new life, scroll below for some quick hacks that will help you transform your humble abode without knocking down any walls. 

Colour therapy: Colours transform a space and instantly uplift your mood. Keep a theme in mind while picking one for your space. For instance, soft and subtle colours like creamy white, shades of pink, lilac, and greige exude glamour and sensuality as well as add freshness and warmth to a room. 

Well-done walls: You can add depth and dimension to your space by bringing in texture on any wall. Dress it up in natural materials like marble and wood with various textures. Add wallpapers to make the space more enchanting and colourful. They make for a great choice for an accent wall.  

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Deck up your space: Choosing vibrant interior elements like accent cushions, curtains, sofas, covers, paintings, wooden chests, or lounge chairs is one way to showcase your idea of a home. Cushions are the easiest way to change any decor style. You can got for a vintage aesthetic by adding bold, pop-coloured cushion covers. For a more contemporary look, you can go for muted-coloured cushion covers in varying sizes. Furthermore, you can block a space for mementos and picture frames. For example, a gorgeous wall vignette exuding your signature style with your photographs or artefacts curated during your travels would add a visual element in your space.

Make a statement: Invest in a big ticket elements, for instance, a modular or sectional sofa depending on your room size, and balance it with elements like a coffee table or a custom marble side table as per your needs. Induce a sense of warmth and luxury in your bedroom with a four-poster bed or an oversized headboard in materials like wood or tufted upholstery. Add a bit of glam to your dressers and side tables with bespoke cabinet knobs and handles in materials like Swarovski crystal, semiprecious stone, brass, and copper.

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Small upgrades are big: If a total revamp is not up your ally and budget is a constraint, then accessorising your space with vibrant and romantic elements will add the necessary impact. Consider gracing your tables and dressers with eccentric vases, vintage candleholders, diffusers, or your collection of books. Mounting a mirror or a mirrored piece of furniture is also an easy way to spice things up. You can also place an upholstered trunk at the foot of your bed to store your intimate items.

Brighten up and go green: The allure of a romantic abode is in the lighting. Consider installing dimmers or changing lampshades to play with different light patterns. Play with textures by adding two layers of curtains to the windows, in case there is abundant natural light in your space.

Connect with nature by adding indoor plants and fresh flowers. You may fill vases with coloured twigs and flowers in unique shapes and place them on your wooden décor. Fresh flowers will give your space a sense of completion, and bring joy and happiness to your abode. 

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Create or include art that reflects your personality: Use acrylic or gouache paints to paint canvases or buy wall art that you find alluring. You can always add quirky or abstract art. If space is a concern you can always opt for folding tables.  

Dining sets for you and guests: Whether it’s for your family or just the two of you, you’ll need an everyday set of cutlery and tableware to enjoy your meals. Be it the first coffee in the morning, or the last cup of tea at night, get a pair of your favourite mugs and enjoy your cuppa! Pick ceramic plates or earthy-toned pieces.

Inputs by India Circus, Plate & Peonie, and Pallavi Sethi, Co-Founder, Indeva Furniture Design

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