5 tips to curate the perfect canapés menu for your wedding

Here's your guide to make sure you don't mess up those tiny gorgeous nibbles.

The quintessential Indian wedding is synonymous with grand week-long feasts and lavish spreads. And while we love these, it's the parade of trays adorned with lip-smacking miniatures that really has us drooling. Who can resist these miniature delights, resplendent in their presentation and bursting with flavour? Canapés are a tantalising option for wedding fare; they are a departure from tradition yet imbued with luxury, setting the stage for delightful conversations to unfold effortlessly. However, mastering the art of canapés requires attention to detail, which is why we're here to show you how to make and serve the perfect canapés.


Prioritise taste over everything else

The food tops the list as that's the only thing people consider worth talking about after the wedding. So first things first, it should taste gobsmacking. The canapes should taste even better than they look. Although they are not the main meal, first impressions matter! The first bites should mesmerise and leave the guests wanting for more. Quality over everything, they'll not only satiate hunger but also soak up the alcohol and will not make your guests hungry.

Bite-size treats 

Canapes are finger foods. They are not the whole meal but just an entree. They should be small enough to put it in your mouth in one go. Not much bigger than a coin. You don't want your guests to look silly while munching them. Absolutely not how you look like eating gol-gappas. The main purpose of them is to be hassle-free, which would give the guests more opportunity to roam around and interact more while enjoying them.

Fresh ingredients for the perfect texture

Choosing the right ingredients is equally essential. They usually have a base and a filling. Make sure that the base is not too crumbly or soggy when the fillings are done. The filling should neither be stringy nor too gooey that it looks like a mess. Avoid stringy cheese or foods that are stinky like garlic or fish. Curate a menu that is simple with fresh ingredients. Imagine tomato basil mozzarella skewers or macaroons, simple and classy.


Visual appeal 

They should be visually stunning, making everyone reach out for one. The visual appeal is equally important as the taste. One should invest in matching trays and platters like wooden charcuterie boards along with elegant cutlery describing each item.

Soice it up with variety

We have all been to that wedding where there are just 4 different types of tikkas and we don't wanna be that. Variety is important, there should be sweet and savoury dishes. Something to cleanse the palette, a mix of meaty and veggie canapes along with some sweet ones. The last one is the most important, have fun, people are there celebrating you. Food tastes better when there are happy people around. 

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