5 new cake trends to watch out for your winter wedding 

From pressed blooms to vintage designs, these ideas take the cake!

Be it picking the right venue or finalising the perfect looks for all the ceremonies, wedding planning can be a hassle. And add to it the smaller, finer details, like your wedding cake, and it can get quite overwhelming. While a wedding cake might not be traditional, more couples are opting to have a special wedding cake for their reception. And even though classic white cakes, ombre and pastel cakes, and cakes with toppers resembling the couple remain popular, there are new decor ideas on the block that will make sure your wedding cake is gorgeous, and on-trend.

Read on to discover the five wedding cake ideas you should bookmark for your upcoming winter wedding.

Lambeth cakes

Lambeth cakes refer to the vintage cake decor style that uses lots of different frosting and piping techniques for a truly intricate cake. If you have a wedding with a royal theme, this cake will surely be a showstopper with its many tiers and details. 

Whimsical cakes

Long gone are the days when wedding cakes were all about being flawless and picture-perfect, with no crumb in sight. Today’s wedding cake decorators are embracing the whimsy side of baking, with every creation unique and different, featuring blooms scattered across the cake and a rustic design. The thought is to have a cake that looks homemade and reminds you of home.

Sheet cakes


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If you want to be really experimental with your wedding cake, why not go the sheet cake way? We love the practicality of a sheet cake—you can easily portion the cake for all the guests, and they’re easier to make for a larger gathering, too. It’s a win-win! If you’d still prefer a traditional tiered cake to cut into, a good idea is to get a small tiered cake and supplement it with sheet cakes in the same flavour so no one misses out on a slice.

Pressed floral cakes

Flowers on a cake might not be a new look, but the trend of using pressed fresh flowers to add vibrancy has been on the rise. Pressed flowers and greens are ideal if you’re going for a natural or Boho look. And we must say—one can’t go wrong with pretty, organic blooms!

Cakes with a pop of gold 


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If you have a minimal cake in mind for you big day, add a bit of drama to it by asking your baker for a gold finish. This can be done either by adding splashes of edible gold paint, waves of gold, or even a shiny ribbon. Complement it with a neutral palette and flowers for a romantic look. We love how a simple addition can elevate your wedding cake!


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