Make a statement on your big day with these trendy bridal sneakers!

Upgrade your bridal footwear with this sneakers collection

Over the years, brides have changed their wedding styles, moving from traditional red lehengas to softer pastels and breaking all sorts of wedding norms to prioritise comfort and individuality. One such trend that has really caught on is bridal sneakers. Modern brides are swapping out uncomfortable high heels for comfy sneakers. We first saw brides wearing basic trainers back in 2012, but now bridal sneakers are more stylish and dazzling than ever.

We've picked out the latest trendy sneakers for you, so you can walk down the aisle in comfort and style. 

Anaar Gatsby Wedge Sneakers ₹11,990

Image Credit: Anaar

Tiesta Pink Platform Sneaker Wedges ₹11,390

Image Credit: Tiesta

Kanvas Thread Work Hand Crafted Sneakers ₹5,200

Image Credit: Kanvas

Chal Jooti Twilight Rosegold x Silver ₹14,000

Image Credit: Chal Jooti

Sole House Valentina Sneakers ₹6,350

Image Credit: Sole House

Around Always Gold Zardozi Embroidered Cinnamon Sneaker Wedges ₹7,999

Image Credit: Around Always

Coral Haze Veronica ₹6,500

Image Credit: Coral Haze

The Saree Sneakers Women's Gold Sneakers ₹6,500

Image Credit: Tatacliq Luxury



Featured image credit: Şeyda Nur Yüce/

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