Going on a speed date? Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind

Set the right first impression with these handy tips.

In this day and age of swiping left or right, the concept of speed dating can be an interesting proposition. Having attended a few such dates myself, I can vouch for the fact that it did allow me to step out of my comfort zone, and put myself out there in front of strangers in the hope that something clicks. While the vibe was all things chill, speed dating, much like all things in life, comes with its own set of rules and challenges. 

So, the next time you sign up for a speed date, here are some handy tips and tricks that will help sort you out, from the right etiquette to staying away from touchy topics and everything in between. 

Do turn off your phone 

You’ve attended this event for a reason and the last thing you want is for the other person to think that you’re not interested or are simply downright rude. 

Don’t ask people if you’re a match or try too hard to get their number

There is a format for a reason and it’s an effective one. You may not leave with a match but at least you’ll leave with your self-respect intact. 

Do speak to the host if you’re made to feel uncomfortable by an attendee 

If someone is hassling you or being pushy, speak to the person organising the event. They are there to help deal with any such problems that may arise.  

Don’t be offensive 

Never do or say anything at a speed dating event that could possibly be construed as offensive. While you may or may not like the person at first sight or impression, always aim to put the other person at ease. And if you can make them laugh, even better. If they say something offensive to you, be the bigger person and reply in a way where they get the point without you having to stoop to their level. 

Dress to impress, but don’t overdo it

You don't need to dress too formally but being too casual is a big no-no as well. Choose your outfit according to the day, time and the venue. At the end of the day, speed dating is all about creating that favourable first impression in just a few minutes.

Ask the right questions

If you want to stand out from the crowd, think of something that no one else would ask. At the same time ensure that it’s nothing too personal and keeps the conversation free-flowing. You can be flirty and original without having to cross the line. Also, make sure that your questions don’t sound like an interview. 

Don’t fake it

Try to be yourself and don’t portray just a pretty picture. Starting things off with a lie is never good. 

Don’t check out the person at the next table

Even if you don’t feel an instant chemistry with the person you’re talking to for those few minutes, the least you can do is respect their time. Stay with the person and stay in the moment. 

Don’t reveal too much about yourself

Yes, this can surely happen where you get carried away in the moment and give away more than you should. Focus only on what’s been asked or being spoken about and you’ll do great. 

Stay away from touchy topics

Our advice? Stay clear of topics touching upon politics and religion or even something that may make the opposite person feel uncomfortable. With the limited time you have in hand, make it worthwhile by talking about things that matter or even some casual banter. 

Do listen and think less

Be polite to the person who is talking and hear out their thoughts. Do not answer only to reply. Also, it’s best not to create fake scenarios of that person being your partner within seconds of the conversation. 

Do talk about what makes you, you

There are certainly parts of your personality that set you apart from others. If a stranger has to know something about you, let that be the biggest takeaway from the conversation. 

Do mirror their body language

When it comes to speed dating, follow physical cues. It can create a sense of comfort that you never knew existed. 


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