Everything we know about Taapsee Pannu’s wedding to her long-time boyfriend this March

The actor is all set to tie the knot with Mathias Boe at the end of the month.

While we've been unable to keep calm since the Rakul Preet Singh-Jackky Bhagnani wedding a few weeks ago, another Bollywood actor has excited us all with news of their marriage. Taapsee Pannu, known for her roles in Pink and Dunki, is all set to marry her long-time boyfriend of 10 years, badminton player Mathias Boe, at the end of this month.

The wedding will be a low-key and intimate event in the City of Lakes—Udaipur. Reportedly, no one from the film fraternity will be at the ceremony. Pannu's and Boe's marriage will be a celebration of the rich traditions of Sikhism and Christianity. 

The couple first met in 2013 at the Indian Badminton League, and have managed to keep their love life private. In a podcast with Raj Shamani earlier this year (January 17), Pannu discussed her journey and long-term relationship with Boe. “I started acting 13 years ago and I met him the year I was making my debut in Bollywood, and I have been with the same person since then. I have no thoughts of leaving him or being with anyone else because I am way too happy in the relationship. But from what I hear from people around me, it is very difficult to find someone after you become an actor because your sense of why you like a person or they like you becomes skewed. You start doubting the genuineness of that person. I have had my co-stars say that it is tough to find a partner, genuinely,” said the actor who made her debut in the film Chashme Baddoor.

"I feel you are in a good relationship when you do not feel the baggage of the relationship. I always knew that you have to be 'a man' to be in a relationship with me and not a ‘boy,’" she added. 

While we don’t have many details about the date, the exact venue, the wedding invites, etc, we do know how Pannu wants her wedding to be like, thanks to an interview she did it Brides Today, where she spoke at length about how she wants her wedding day to be, what she wants to wear, her curls, and more. 

How she wants her wedding to be

All that Pannu wants on the biggest day of her life is a lot of dancing and good food. “It needs to be basic and drama-free because there is enough drama in my professional life, and I don’t want it to trickle down into my personal life," said the actor who prefers Sikh weddings for their shorter rites and doesn’t want any late-night rituals at her wedding.

Taapsee Pannu wants to be a fuss-free bride 

With her curls being a hot topic of discussion whenever she makes a fashion and style statement, Pannu has revealed that she would not like an elaborate hairdo. “It (hairstyle) will be something that doesn’t look like I needed a village to get ready. My heart feels bad when I see these brides who have thick layers and layers of makeup on. How do you enjoy looking at yourself when you’re a different person in those pictures? These memories are not just for that moment, they are forever. You don’t want to look at those pictures and not recognise yourself as yourself.”

No designer lehenga for Pannu

The Thappad actor has quashed rumours that she’s going to don a designer lehenga made by one of India’s top couturiers. “I really don’t want to get into the rat-race of wearing outfits only by the biggest designers. I mean, their work is incredible and I love what they create; I wear them during my work events. But when it comes to something as personal as my wedding, my best friend from college—Mani Bhatia—will be my go-to option. In fact, I think that will be the perfect wedding gift from her to me...I’m not going to pay for that,” she laughs. “But it will be something so personalised that it’ll live forever in memories.”

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