Mistakes you should avoid after a pre-wedding facial to let its effect last longer

Pampering your skin is wonderful, but be wary.

Every bride aspires to showcase radiant skin on her wedding day, a glowing canvas that complements her joyous glow, where confidence and beauty intertwine. Your skincare regime during the run up to your wedding is the most elaborate and important for a healthy glow, and facials are an integral part of it. However, it doesn't end there. It is important to follow a few steps to maintain the glow from the facial.

Avoiding Last-Minute Facials

Ensure that you don't schedule a facial too close to your wedding day. Facials have the potential to cause redness or skin irritation, and it's crucial to allow your skin ample time to recuperate.

Choose another time for botox

Getting a botox after a facial is the biggest disaster you can out your skin through as it will lead to breakouts and acne. It will also affect how your botox or filler settles. Experts recommend one should keep a gap of at least three to four days between the two. 

Do not pick at your skin

You might see whiteheads or pimples that your skin professional didn’t attend to or that came up a few days after (yes, it does happen). You may feel it’s ruining your facial, but please do not pick on these as your skin is very sensitive after a facial. Touching, picking, and squeezing it can introduce bacteria, cause breakouts, and increase the time it takes for your skin to heal. The best solution is to leave it as is and let it rejuvenate. 

Don’t step out in the sun

The skin is the most vulnerable after a facial and thus requires you to be extra careful. This includes not stepping out in the sun for a few days. You must avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures (too hot is bad, so is too cold) and pollutants.

Don't forget sunscreen

Given that your skin may be more sensitive after a facial, remember to apply sunscreen daily, especially in the days preceding your wedding.

No make-up before and after the facial

It’s important for your skin to be free of make-up and other cosmetic products before getting a facial. This will allow the skin expert to evaluate your skin well and recommend the right treatment. Coming with make-up also means it will take them more time to clean. Also, your facial has the most impact when you leave your skin make-up free for a few days. 

Neglecting post-facial care

After getting a facial, people think their work is over. However, the days that follow are the most important as you need to give your skin ample rest and nourishment. You can use products with ceramide, centella, and cica, and avoid harsh skincare products on your face. Do not neglect the post-care recommendations by the skin expert. 

Stay hydrated

Ensure that your skin remains well-hydrated in the days leading up to your wedding. Dehydrated skin can appear dull and fatigued.

Don't skip a patch test

If you're contemplating trying a new facial product or treatment, request a patch test beforehand to check for any adverse reactions.

Manage stress and prioritize sleep

The stress and sleep deprivation associated with wedding preparations can affect your skin's appearance. Make relaxation and quality sleep a priority.

Remember that meticulous planning and maintaining a consistent skincare regimen in the months leading up to your wedding are essential for achieving glowing and healthy skin on your special day. 

Inputs by Dr Niti Gaur, MD, Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology (Singapore, USA), Board Certified Dermatologist Founder of Citrine Clinic, Gurgaon