Tips to schedule hair and make-up trials for the perfect wedding look

Prep it right.

A bride doesn’t just decide her make-up on the day of her wedding. There’s a good chance she does a wedding hair and make-up trial. Not only does it give you an exciting glimpse into your bridal look for the big day, but it also gives you plenty of answers about the kind of look you want to achieve, the time it will take for you to be ready on D-Day and so on. These tips and tricks by an expert should help you plan your trial and thus your final look. 

When to book a trial? 
Scheduling your trial three to six months before your wedding day gives you a good window to try different styles and perfect your dream wedding look. It will give you time to learn what's trending With more interactions, you also build a rapport with the beauty expert and get to know and trust them.

What to do? 

Hair trial: Depending on the quality of your hair, your stylist may ask you to either wash your hair or leave it dry for a day before the wedding. Follow their instructions to the T, they are the expert for a reason. Also, keep your hair in a similar length and condition to what it will look like at your wedding (avoid any element of surprise for your hairstylist). Bring along references of the styles you like and pictures of your wedding dress, and the accessories you plan to wear. Let them know if you would like to wear extensions. You could also try out a bridal headband that’ll make you look elegant. 

While getting the hair trial, try wearing the colour of the wedding outfit. Also, let them know the neckline so that your hairstyle can be matched accordingly. Lastly, click photos of each hairstyle from different angles so you can make the right choice. 

Makeup trial: Come with no make-up on and moisturised skin. Bring pictures of make-up looks that you like and the products that suit you. They might either suggest a better alternative or use what you’re comfortable with. It’s a win-win situation for you. Choosing the right outfit for your trial makes a big difference, so wear something similar in colour to your wedding dress. 

The final look always takes into account the colours of the various attires and the overall vibe that the clothes and accessories exude. Having this in place makes the process of visualising bridal looks more accurate.

Know what you like and what you don’t
Create a mood board of the looks that you love and the elements that you want incorporated into your hair and make-up. It could be a particular style, something that you want on your hair, or even a change of its colour. With the options being aplenty, look up what’s in style and what appeals to you. And more importantly, come to the trial with an open mind. At the same time, know what you do not want. Remember how you looked at the weddings you attended and tell your stylist what didn’t work for you and the reason behind it. With many looks to try out, communicating your dislikes will save the stylist plenty of time at the trial. 

Consider lighting

Test your makeup in different lighting conditions, such as natural daylight and indoor lighting, to make sure it looks great in all settings.

Set realistic expectations
You can be lost in the array of options on Instagram and Pinterest when you’re looking for some hair and make-up inspiration. But remember, a lot of them have filters that hide a person’s imperfections. So, avoid thinking about it and comparing. Even if you choose certain images, let your stylist tell you what can be done based on your hair, its length, and texture. The same goes for make-up as it's time for you to embrace your inner beauty and trust your stylist to further enhance it. 

Ask questions and give feedback
Use the time of the trial to ask your stylist for tips, what products to use to make you look fresh, and what you can do to prep your hair and skin over the next few months. The trial will also teach you a lot about timing and logistics. Make a note of how long these trials take and talk to your stylist to plan things out so that things aren’t rushed and the wedding schedule doesn’t get affected. It’s best to get your doubts cleared so that you aren’t asking them anything last minute. Also, keep the conversation two-way. 

Scheduling a makeup trial is an important step in perfecting your wedding day look. By planning in advance, communicating effectively, and experimenting with different styles, you'll ensure that you look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle.

Inputs by Ina Jain, Makeup Artist and Founder of Ina Jain Makeovers


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