Expert-approved tips to achieve a flawless base

Ace the look without hassle.

In the world of make-up, a gorgeous base is a piece of art. It is smooth and flawless. It can also seem unachievable, especially when you don’t know what to do and don’t have the right tools and products at your disposal. This is where the experts come in. Here are some expert-approved easy tips to get that perfect, flawless base. 

Skincare is key: The foundation of a good base is a clean and well-moisturised face. Start by cleansing with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt and impurities and follow it with a moisturiser. Hydrated skin not only looks better but also allows smooth make-up application. 

The magic of primer: Primer is your secret weapon for achieving a flawless base. While pre-make-up oil moisturises the skin, primer evens out your skin texture, providing the essential foundation for a perfect finish. It helps to fill in fine lines and pores while creating a smooth surface for your make-up. Apply a thin layer of primer after moisturising, focusing on areas where make-up tends to wear off quickly, such as the T-zone.

Foundation match: Choosing the right foundation is crucial. You want a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. Test the colour on your jawline, and if it blends in seamlessly, you've found the one. Apply the foundation evenly over your face using a make-up sponge, brush, or your fingertips.

Selecting the correct foundation shade is the most critical part of any base make-up. If it's too light or too dark, it can result in an uneven appearance. Swatch it on your cheeks and blend instead of testing it on your wrists as the skin tone of the face is different. Always remember, less is more when it comes to foundation—avoid excess application else it will give a chalky and unnatural output.

Don't neglect your neck and ears when applying foundation. It's easy to overlook these areas, and you want them to match your face seamlessly.

Instead of rubbing, gently pat the foundation onto your skin, spread it evenly and blend until its seamless. This technique ensures a more even application. You can also use a damp sponge to apply foundation, promoting a smooth and flawless finish. 

Colour correctors: Apply colour correctors if you have redness, under-eye dark circles, or discolouration. They are instrumental in creating an even and flawless base. Use green to reduce acne marks and blemishes, orange to tackle under-eye dark circles, and yellow to neutralise discolouration and to add warmth.

Conceal imperfections: Concealer is your go-to for covering blemishes, dark circles, and any imperfections. Dab it on problem areas and blend well with a make-up sponge or brush.

Set it in place: Prevent your make-up from creasing or smudging by setting it with a translucent setting powder. Use a light hand to avoid a heavy, cakey look.

Contour and highlight: Add dimension to your face by contouring and highlighting. Use a matte bronzer to contour the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and the sides of your nose. Highlighter should be applied to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bones, and the tip of your nose.

Blush and beyond: Add a pop of colour to your cheeks with blush. Smile and apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush.

Perfect those brows: Well-defined brows can transform your entire look. Fill in and shape your eyebrows using a pencil or powder for a polished finish.

Eyes and lips: Complete your make-up base with eye make-up and lip colour that complements your overall look. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara enhance your eyes, while a carefully chosen lip shade adds the finishing touch.

Lock it in place: Finally, use a setting spray to seal the deal. This will help your make-up last all day and night.

Inputs by Sonia Presswala, Creative Lead, Make Up & Hair, Looks Salons and Ms. Aashka Goradia Goble, Co-Founder, RENÉE Cosmetics.